Eye opener!

Eye opener

The spring is off. Christmas is long gone. But assuming the snowfall still to be on the back drop, I wished Santa to grant me the direst wish of my life. I hadn’t had one even for Christmas and yet aware that Xmas is long gone, I would like to make this wish…

Love has been far fetched for me for years since I first started loving. The beginning was an apple to my eye, so luminous, dazzling and good of all that is pure and perfect! Coming to terms that my life, must steer clear, a joyous life has just begun, I used to doll up to look pretty for destiny, hoping it is falling in love with me. My pulse used to surge to peaks dragging my instincts to rock bottoms, if there were one owing to the fact that I was actually pulled down through abysses.


I never crossed the bridge before I got there, owing to the fact that I’m wary. But the dawn of love was so promising that I trusted I can reach the other end, which was not obvious to my eye though! My instinct should have failed me there by blocking the vision of my conscience.

Suddenly the barren fields looked green in spite of the fact that I was blue… Destiny suddenly changed its shades and denied to land me at my destination which it promised me it would before welcoming me to travel the road it had laid for me. The flowery path began pricking and scorching me leaving boils of despair on my feet and scars of abuses on my ticker.

ma shadow

The one shadow I thought was following me has vanished even before I started the journey. Crying over the spilled milk, now I ask Santa to grant me this one wish… Take me back to the time which appeared to be very promising, which I didn’t realize was pure illusion… the time which I should have engaged in discovering myself, but lost to something which shunned my very chance to grow… Then open my eyes, save my soul!

And for the next Xmas eve, I want gifts for Xmas alone…

retouched from CDN CD



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