Cleo Patra – Episode: 1

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Grew up with a passion for writing due to the fervor of creativity bubbling inside me, I started writing to give vent to the creativity within me. I wanted to let go off the weight, pain and burden off my heart! From this,,, you can infer that my writings are from my heart… So it’s as easy as falling off a log to predict me and assess my character based on my writings.

I had a world living in my mind, a world the external eye can’t see and an external source can’t perceive. It was the inspiration behind coming up with the concept of ‘Bio-RAM‘ in this novel. It’s just not a novel, your key to a world of thrilling and exciting adventures! This book consists of 9+23 chapters, each chapter prone to perfection regarding concepts and topped with a rational amount of adventures, detection, horror and apocalypsis (a rare term pertaining to end of the world concepts, dark angel fantasies and supernatural phenomena). Just pop into this paranoid, bizarre and byzantine world to discover what can really carry away your senses though your body actually exists in this concrete world!

Cleo Patra

Cleo imbibed in thoughts

About the book:

I see a soul, a sole soul binding all the living beings, human or alien in this universe. How can I harm it when I’m bound to the same soul too? Man lives not only by food, air and water, but also by his memory. Memory dies with the person. But, what if it can be passed on to his next generations through a unique tool, a code, which also can unleash the secrets of the universes… A code than can be exploited and manipulated to change the future of the universes, the way its master wants? What if the code begins living and thinking?

A Science fiction that reaches the core of human intelligence and intuition and questions their origins. Breath taking adventures, unique brios and stunning acrobatics of the born rivals the ‘Dinos’ and the ‘Dragons’ at the hot spot, Rebel Rambo adorn the story. Just pop into the book and unleash a neo-world in it that pampers your senses and intelligence with a topping of romantic adventures and kick ass alien invasions. Let me know, if you love it!

Welcome to my world…


There’s always a conflict between good and evil”, a voice came from the heart of world’s conscience, “there will always be, until someone roots not just the evil, but the cause of that evil out”.

October 7th, 2030, in the premises of Plexitown:

The sky was grisly, mystical, & eerie. Grey clouds cast over the elegance of Plexitown as an omen of the oncoming catastrophe. Zillion volts of electrical pulses zinged through the high city walls of Plexitown, as lightning ripped the sky & zapped the walls. Cleo has been gazing into the space, perching on one of those walls, obsessed with weird & unprecedented thoughts for hours. ‘If I were born before the nemesis, I could’ve averted it’, she thought with her eyes closed, fist clenched and passions burning deep within her, ‘and now dat my time has come, I won’t stop’. When another lightning ripped the sky, she stretched out her hand to reach its tail, clutched it, and flew down the 1000m high wall, piercing through a cirrus, thinking, ‘How long would I keep asking questions? I’ll find the answers out myself!’

Nature is patient… It cannot always defend the good, but neither will tolerate the bad for long!

A few nights before that day, something weird happened in Cleo’s sleep. She had a dream, a dream that came back to haunt her since she dreamt it…

A ball of rare blue gases, the only source of energy which the Jaquilins can survive on

A ball of rare blue gases, the only source of energy which the Jaquilins can survive on

She saw a sun that was blue in colour, spewing up golden gases often. It appeared larger than the sun and much closer. Cleo’s eyes moved rapidly as she wondered what the hell was going on. She saw some heavenly body masking the sun and the very next moment leading to a complete eclipse. She saw alien kids in her kingdom dying of hunger due to famine. The aliens were seven feet tall, tailed and with a friendly face.

“Jaquar! Jaquar!”, Cleo cried in an alien language rushing to King Jaquar, her husband’s private chamber.

“What is it Jaquin?”, he asked Cleo turning towards her.

Cleo: “A bad omen! People out there are dying from hunger. The Ultimans, with the Outlander’s aid have finally begun to execute their conspiracy. Half of the people are dead already. Ultiman aircrafts have started from their planet. They’ll be here in no time and take over the rest”.

Jaquar: “I’ve already designed the ‘Nimbus’, a microcosm of Zuphius, our sun. It shall provide food for our future generations, if they exist. And it shall make it complete and decode the Nova-MER-code if one of us dies. Take our son and the Nimbus, and leave the planet. I’ll take care of the rest. Be careful. He’s the only one we have that can keep the truth alive, if both of us die in case. I saw the Outlander!”

Cleo understood tacitly what he meant. The whole conversation took place in Alieny (some alien language) and still Cleo understood it all.

They took off…

Cleo left immediately, and as she came out of Jaquar’s chamber, she saw some herculean spacecrafts zooming down to the planet and ramming through skyscrapers and towers, whacking down houses and blasting away mobs of people. She immediately rushed to the spacecraft base and boarded a spacecraft with her son, Zetor. The spacecraft took off. Then she retired into a space sleep along with her son, setting the oxygenated sleeper period to one week, the time needed to reach the Outlander’s planet, the Earth. Cleo woke from her sleep and sighed in relief as she discovered herself still on her bed and not on a spacecraft or a goddamn planet. She went to bed again and woke up in her dream when the sleeper beeped on reaching the Earth. As she got off the spacecraft with Zetor and Nimbus, she saw a great illumination as another spacecraft following them zoomed towards Earth and landed somewhere out of sight. ‘They must be the Ultimans’, she thought and fled with her son in the gloomy Shadow wood, panting out of exhaustion and stumbling over the rocks.

Suddenly her son slipped and fell into a gaping gorge screaming in fear. And as she was about to follow him down and rescue him, someone shot at her. Cleo felt an acute pain surge through her waist to her neck and fell to her feet. She stifled from the idea of following her son, because she may lead even the baddies to him that would jeopardise him. So she rose to her feet and took another course through the Shadow wood. She hid herself in a covert and spent the whole night silently bearing the pain. The next morning, as she woke up she saw a pack of wolves growling and ready to pounce upon her. She was barely able to cry out for help and sat idle. But, as the wolves were about to pounce on her, something zapped them down from nowhere. A person came into the scene with a zapper in his hand. He did not kill the wolves, but threatened them away. The wolves sped. Then he came closer to her and groped her body to see if she was hurt. He found no bruises or signs of attack since the wound was invisible outwardly, but still acted irreversibly on her immune system within. “Sonas gree ha Jaquin” (My name is Jaquin), she said. The person frowned in confusion, as he did not understand what she said.

Being a scientist, he transformed his zapper into an injection with a big vial following its butt and drew some fluid from its body. Then the scenario switched over. Cleo was now holding the injection and kneeling in front of an alien, who gave her the Nimbus, saying, “Enmor sa grita Ounato” (save it from Outlander), and then passed away.

Cleo woke up suddenly from her sleep panting. ‘So the beast I killed in the forest was an Ultiman! But why are these beasts, the Jaquilins and the Ultimans haunting my dreams? Just a bad dream, just a bad dream’, she consoled herself and went to bed again. As she slept, the dream continued from exactly where it stopped earlier. She was running desperately across a desert, feeling very thirsty, thirstier than the fire in hell. With her dried up lips, exhausted in her escape journey, she fell to the ground face down and swooned out. After a while, she came into conscious and slowly lifted her head to see an African king cobra swaying its head and hissing right in front of her eyes. She had no energy even to get shocked or to cry out for help. She just stared at the snake, and when the snake dilated its hood and was about to sting her away, a hefty hand came from nowhere and caught hold of it by its hood. He swung the seven-meter snake in the air above his head and hurled it away. The snake vomited all its venom and died of the hit. Then the stranger took her by her hand and that is when she discovered that it was not her hand. It was a man’s hand. She woke up again and looked around bewildered.

She slept again and then, a completely new scenario appeared in her dream. She was puffing a pipe, sitting at the edge of a waterfront in front of a flint house abut to a river. The river was roaring fiercely as the waters tumbled down the rocks in a hustle. It was cloudy, but hot. The sharp sunrays peeping from the clouds pierced through her glasses into her eyes, as she raised her head and she immediately averted her eyes from the rays, when her pipe slipped from her lips and fell into the waters. She sat there looking at her pipe until it was out of sight. Then went into the house with heavy steps and slid into a chair near the east window. The house had a single room with a leather partition in the middle. Stag heads and wolf skins adorned the walls. A mighty gun slung from a nail and many bones lied in heaps across the east window to the corner. Cleo fell into sleep and later woke up as she heard a knock on the door in her dream.

She opened her eyes in the present, confused and bewildered. She did not feel like it was a dream, but like her memory, like something she has gone through in her life, because she could so lucidly understand the language of an alien, but still it was not someone else, but Cleo herself who was speaking it. Suddenly she jumped out of her bed as her mobile startled her as it rang.

“Oops, it’s just my mobile”, she gasped and picked the call.

“Happy Birthday bebo!”, Garnet, her bosom friend cried from the other side, and Cleo also heard a chorus of her other friends crying out the same.

“Garnet, where am I? I mean, where are we? Am I speaking English? I mean did you just sing me a song in English?” Cleo asked when she heard an outburst of laughter from the other side.

“Well… well”, Garnet stuttered, trying to come out of her laughter, when her other friends were still laughing, “Did we surprise you so much? I hope not. We’ve been singing you Birthday song on your every birthday, since we knew you and now it’s your eighteenth birthday. You remember at least that? What are you so surprised of?”.

Cleo hung down the phone.

‘They are memories, memories of two persons, an alien and a scientist. But they are just characters in my dream, ain’t they? Or do they really exist?’, she thought for almost five hours. When she looked at the clock, it was already 5’o clock in the morning. So she set out for her jog in the woods, a jog over the mountains and valleys, fords and streams of Shadow wood. On her way, she came to a place, which seemed like the one, where she saw the alien pass away in her dream. She examined the surroundings and no doubt, it was the place she saw in her dream, but that has turned slightly barren. Cleo frowned in a kind of thrilling fear, ‘Were they really memories and not a dream?’. She also remembered there was a laboratory nearby somewhere in the underground of Shadow wood. She strolled along and suddenly her foot bumped into something and she saw some glittering glass at her feet. ‘They are memories, of course!’ she thought as her eyes sparkled, ‘It’s the roof of the lab!’.

. . . . . . . To be continued the day after tomorrow!


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