Cleo Patra – Episode: 3

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Bozano, Ultiman clan head.

Bozano, Ultiman clan head.

In an underworld control room of Ultima, the dark planet in a far off galaxy, Zoara:

Some dark, ugly herculean bodies were conspiring to breach the territories of Earth and destroy it. Bozano, head of the clan sat at the dashboard toggling its keys furiously, reading the climatic and security strategies of the Earth.

A shadow loomed up behind him and a humanly voice came from the shadow, “Are we done yet?”.

“Seis quer en frano xeez quer mita” (wait till the next dawn or till next dusk), Bozano replied in a stentorian and ferocious voice.

The signals produced from his voice were instantly read, and translated into English by a sensor installed within the shadow man. The shadow retreated.

Ultimans are aliens highly evolved  in technology, but notorious for their savagery amongst all other planetans (dwellers of a planet) of their galaxy. They are agile and dextrous in defending themselves. Their universal surveillance system is an unprecedented cutting edge technology no one has ever developed. It employs the finest, sensitive and highly potential telescopes, laser reflectors and diffused videotaping systems for surveillance and video breaching into other planets.

Their spacecrafts on either manual or autopilot cover a distance of one light year (10 trillion km.) in one day that makes the spacecraft almost invisible during its flight. They have a tough skin that no acid or radiation or abrasive can harm. They drink lava from their planetary volcanoes just like humans drink water from a spring, and they inhale ‘Persego’, a rare gas shielding only Ultima.

Ultima, ‘the dark planet’ is 70 light years away from Earth, a highly sophisticated and technified planet with ‘Zuphius’ as their sun, an enormous ball of rare blue gases, spewing up golden gases often. They can survive only on plants grown utilizing energy from Zuphius. On the other hand, radiations from Zuphius are toxic to all other planetans except for ‘Jaquilins’ belonging to ‘Jaquano’, Ultima’s neighbouring planet which made them rivals to ‘Ultimans’. Not just this one cause that made them rivals, but there is another cause!

No doubt, Ultimans were technologically highly developed, skilled in exploiting or manipulating anything to suit them, wicked and wily, but the Jaquilins’ ‘Super genes’ made the Ultimans ‘a fly on a pie’. Ultimans’ technology is external, but Jaquilins’ technology is inbuilt, built within their genes. The genetic code of a human decides only the genetic and physical characters of a human. But a Jaquilin’s genes store information about whatever a Jaquilin sees, smells, does or thinks in the form of codes that can be deciphered using a suitable technology which only the Jaquilins know about.

A Jaquilin’s eyes are the camcorders, thought is technology! Their ‘Bio-RAM’ found in only one special gene in every cell stores abundant info not only about what they perceive through their senses, but also stores the info they receive from an external device they have installed somewhere, just like a telescope or spy bug or laser reflector and what not! Bio-RAM can install all memories and thoughts of a Jaquilin when implanted into others.

If alone the Bio-RAM is present without the person, the events recorded in it can be visualised as a movie on a screen using the light reflected from the ‘Nimbus’. But reading a Jaquilin’s mind or extraction and exploitation of its code is impossible for an external agent due to the ‘Bio-firewall’ built within them, which allows perception of things into the Bio-RAM by a Jaquilin, but gives no way for their inference by others, unless the Jaquilin itself allows for. As the code or their mind can be read by others only if a Jaquilin’s mind says ‘Yes!’, the code is called the ‘MER-code’ (Mind Enabled Reading-code).

The ‘codes’ turn more powerful and permanent by the generation achieved by mating of two Jaquilins. If one Jaquilin has seen part of an incident and another Jaquilin the other half, they club into a total picture in the code in the genes received by their kid, but only after he or she attains an age of eighteen. Thus, any Jaquilin selected at random has perceived and witnessed all that the Jaquilins that lived before them have perceived and witnessed. Info can also be transferred from one Jaquilin to another by transferring the Bio-RAM from one to another, though they actually don’t mate. In this way, Jaquilins protect the integrity and intactness of the incidents, history and facts. The irony is that they too can’t manipulate a truth or a fact. They just can store it. Thus, facts never die with a Jaquilin!

Once in a thousand years, a male and a female Jaquilin in the royal hierarchy are born with a gene containing a ‘Secret code’ that can unveil the mysteries of the universe, both of the past and the future. However, they have only half of the code in each, which will become complete when their DNAs are merged under the reflected light from a device called ‘Nimbus’.

The MER code bearer

Usually, a DNA has two strands. When united, it forms four strands that appear like a rhomboid cylinder that can unleash the secrets of the universes when deciphered. In case, one of them (Jaquilin or Jaquar) dies before mating or in case, only one is available, the remaining half code of either the dead alien or the live one can be made complete individually and deciphered only with ‘Nimbus’.

Nobody till then exactly knew where the Nimbus was, the only secret that takes birth and dies with the alien having the secret code, the ‘Nova-MER-code’. Unlike other codes that are present in Jaquilins, which can only be read, but cannot be manipulated, the ‘Nova-MER-code’ of the royal couple, when made intact, can be manipulated, exploited and conquered to change the future and destiny of the universes.

Jaquilins also had the formula to kill Ultimans, which was written in a sacred book, hidden in a spooky and mysterious place only Jaquilins have access to and can venture into. They are that ‘Nova-MER-code’, the Nimbus and the book the Ultimans wanted!

Few years back they came to know about Jaquilins and their uniqueness, and wanted to takeover them, find and destroy the formula that can kill them, exploit the code and reign the universe! But soon they found out they were after a wild goose chase, because taking over just one Jaquilin also turned out very challenging for them.

That is when the Ultimans encountered alien signals from Earth, 700 trillion kilometres away. A highly notorious and vengeful human, longing to avenge his home planet sent some ultra signals to them that he can help them takeover Jaquilins, seeking a favour to help him destroy Earth in return. Ultimans were prone to a violent shock at this incident. They wondered how an alien (here a human), 700 million million kilometres away could read their minds and communicate with them in their own language!

Bozano could estimate the intelligence and ability of that human. He tried a lot to read his mind, but alas, he had a ‘Bio-firewall’ on him too.

“He is impossible!” Bozano stated, “And he is the one who can really help us”.

But most of the Ultimans felt it wasn’t a safe idea to trust someone into helping them, whom they don’t know anything about. But Bozano was adamant.

“He seeks a favour in return,” he said, “He is in need too. So he can be trusted!”

And once they have the code, Bozano thought, nobody can dare harm them. Reply signals went to Earth; ‘Welcome to Ultima!’ and an Ultiman spacecraft took off to fetch their guest home.

. . . . . . . To be continued the day after tomorrow.

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