Cleo Patra – Episode: 4

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The science wizard

The science wizard

Minto woke up the next day with more enthusiasm than ever. He also discovered that his parents were leaving abroad on some business and felt it was the right time to accomplish his deeds. He bid his parents farewell and rushed to the covert where he hid the carcass, to find to his astonishment it missing!

He searched every nook and corner, but in vain. He couldn’t find any traces of the body, but when he returned back to the covert, he found some footprints like those of the alien’s. He wondered if the alien was still alive or in case if it wasn’t, he thought, ‘Wasn’t the alien alone?’

The very thought rippled waves of thrilling fear from his spine alarmed him about the Star ball and the vial he left behind at home. He rushed home, banged the door of his room open and sighed in relief finding the ball and the vial safe in his cupboard.

He remembered once seeing a microscope in his dad’s office in the basement of their house, and took the Star ball and the vial to the office. He examined the fluid under the microscope but only saw a mercurous lustre. Then he took the microscope out into the sun and examined the fluid again, but found nothing new.

He made back to his room and kept wondering who might have found the alien’s body, when one of their valets came to him panting.

Minto frowned, “What’s the matter buddy? You seem nervous”.

Minto couldn’t trust his ears when the valet said, “Mr. Walker and Mrs. Hannah are no more, sire. The plane crashed right into pacific taking lives of all the 232 passengers aboard!”.

He fell to his knees with a dumb and heavy heart and closed his eyes tightly in a vain attempt to stifle his tears.

Days and months passed, but this time he couldn’t come back to his normal senses. He turned into a loner and struggled hard to digest the very truth that his loving and caring parents were no more. Loneliness evoked their memories in him, which he wanted to let go. So he began practising escapism. He partied, boozed and didn’t forgo anything that would make him forget his sorrows. Their solicitor and well-wisher, Mr. Bloom Wood tried to bring him out of his trauma, but in vain. Minto turned self-absorbed and was in no position to lend his ear to anyone. In course of time, Minto forgot about the Star ball, and his ‘zeal to save the soul’ began abating.

One day, he heard his father’s voice echoing inside him subliminally, “Love yourself if you want power, but love all if you want peace and liberty”. Minto woke up from his snooze and looked around. His father’s words flashed in his mind again “If you now leave the world to its fate, one day the world will leave you to yours”.

Yes, he shouldn’t have abandoned himself and his aim to loneliness. The Star ball may unveil something good to human kind, who knows? So he immediately set out to carry on his fact finding experiments for which he needed a laboratory apart from the one he was working at (NCRBAS). He knew that the world is covetous, and will try to exploit the code for an unfair advantage. So, he resolved to set up a secret underground lab……..and he felt ‘Shadow wood’ is the best place, as nobody ever dared to enter it!

The ‘baron’ assigned Bloom Wood as the attorney of his $seventy trillion property, because he wanted to be free from the mastery of money so that he could accomplish the task ahead with peace of mind. As planned, he set up a lab in the remote area of Shadow wood.

EURO lab-Robotics section

EURO lab-Robotics section, the unique mind product of Minto

He called the lab, ‘The EURO lab’ (Eclectic, Unique and Reinforced Onyx lab). He installed in it the full fledged outfit required to experiment on anything that is of alien origin, and interact with aliens with the practical and professional knowledge he had in Bioelectronics, Biophysics, Biochemistry, Robotics, Pharmaceutical chemistryXenolinguistics and Alienology. No wonder, he called his lab ‘The EURO lab’. Like an onyx, the lab too encompasses shades of different fields.

Euro lab was a sweet little thing, safe, 25 feet deep in the underground, with walls of Corundum blended with Mintonium, the hardest metal Minto synthesized in his lab. However, its electromagnetic-radiation-sensitive dome projects a few feet above the ground to perceive and trap solar energy, the chief source of energy for the lab. It can also sense weather changes, trespassers, cosmic rays reaching the Earth and any other sensitive detail through its ‘Hyper frequent Radar system’ (HFRS) and relay them to the control unit down in the lab through high potent transmitters.

It has no risk of being detected by anyone as the dome could camouflage with the surroundings or suck itself into the ground unsuspected, if something or someone were to touch it. It is aufait with all electromagnetic-radiations of known origins and thus doesn’t get affected by their encounter, but would lose its character and become prominent to the viewers when zapped by unfamiliar signals from UFOs. It stays in such condition until the camouflage gadgets are activated back. But on second encounter with a new radiation, it doesn’t get affected.

Minto had the remote to control all these operations even from a distance of 1000 miles, even when he’s on flight, and he had a special eye contact lens that could enable him to see the dome even in darkness and to spot it when in camouflage.

The lab also had a potential super security system with byzantine access codes, pit falls and booby traps. The dome itself had the access door, which leads into vacuum, an intruder will get suspended and trapped in. But for Minto a staircase emerges from the dome and leads him down into the lab. The whole process controlled by a DNA detector system, which activates vacuum trap on sensing a foreign DNA. If the intruder somehow tries to escape from the vacuum, he falls straight into a gooey jelly pit right at the bottom. Oops! And all the rest that appears to him from the jelly pit, from where he can’t move but can only turn his head, is pure illusion.

The actual lab begins from the next chamber, which nobody can see or enter. And before the intruder could actually understand what’s happening to him all the access doors close immediately, gas lines open into the chamber and blow ‘anti-cognition’ gases into it and the intruder should swoon out. In his unconsciousness, his memory and knowledge regarding the lab, the way he found it and entered it gets erased by some neural hormones induced by the gases. The operation is irreversible! Then a robo hand pops out of one of the walls of the lab and dispatches him, unharmed out of the lab through a tunnel that bypasses the main access route and opens out at the top of the ground somewhere away from the lab and its environs.

It’s called the Intruder Dispatch (I.D.) system. There were other byzantine mechanisms too, to avoid, bamboozle or get rid of intruders. It also had a ‘back up’ system which keeps record of all things going on in Minto’s absence, both audio and video, digital and analog.

Minto’s lab equipment was a unique one too. He designed, built and programmed it in such a way that it could customize itself to suit the purpose, by dismantling and reassembling itself into the user required model. A computer can transform into a black box, a black box into a Hubble telescope, a Hubble telescope into an automobile engine and what not, you name it! So the lab had the advantage of occupying minimum space and yet yielding a grand deal of output. Minto’s groundbreaking style had no rivals!

His works were for the benefit of everyone, but he never wanted to give his discoveries an airing, as he knew the world would not in the first place consider them bona fide. On the other hand, Anemonian government would hang him once they come to know that his works are regarding aliens.

Star ball (Nimbus) suspended in vacuum in EURO lab

Star ball (Nimbus) suspended in vacuum in EURO lab

He began his work. He constructed a microscope that can magnify till the molecular level, but the alien fluid still showed him nothing new, but a mercurous lustre. He observed the fluid under various kinds of radiations. But it couldn’t help. He suspended the Star ball in vacuum in a glass container.

One day an idea flashed in his mind. He took the Star ball out of the lab and waited for the moon. On encounter with the lunar rays, the star on the ball shone, and his eyes shone too. ‘This gotta work!’ he thought and left home for the night.

. . . . . . .To be continued the day after tomorrow.


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