Cleo Patra – Episode: 5

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The MER code bearer

The MER code bearer-Jaquilin DNA

The next day on reaching the lab, Minto modified the dome so as to allow lunar rays into the lab. He waited for the moon eagerly. Finally, when the moon arrived, he directed its rays towards the Star ball and it shone. He placed the microscope in the reflected blaze from the Star ball and look, what he discovered… ‘Glowing green flecks’ on a lustrous mercurous background!

“That’s what I’m talking about!”, he cried punching the air in triumph.

He felt overwhelmed and ecstatic. What he discovered may be an elixir for humankind or may also be a ‘Pandora’s box’. ‘Whatever it is going to be, I gotta deal with it’, he thought. But he didn’t know that he was going to open a ‘Pandora’s box, of course! He separated out the green flecks from the fluid and set out to sequence its codes, hoping they were the alien’s genes, which would have codes just like a human gene. But he found no any similarity between the codes of a human gene and codes of the alien gene except for the physical appearance.

So he set out to develop an ‘Omni-device’ that can decipher codes and as well transform into a gadget of any kind, any origin, human or alien. He called it ‘The Omnius’. Finally, he started decoding the genes on Omnius, by placing the sample in one of its compartments and using light from the Star ball. It took him months and years to decipher the code using all possible combinations of the characters and signals from cosmos, reaching his Transponder.

One day he received a rare signal from cosmos and look what he discovered… ‘The Nova-MER-code’, a time capsule! He read it on the monitor and to his shock; the code was revealing in the form of 3-D motion pictures, the geological and extraterrestrial history, the point of origin and termination of Earth and other planets.

He missed a breath going through the first few reels. Then he went through the code again and was shocked to see the age, sex, health status of the host, the number of the DNA replications and cell divisions undergone so far, number of times the host has conceived so far (because it’s a female in this case). He discovered that the alien was a 500-year-old ‘female’. The code also contained the formulae to design ‘Ultra supersonic’ aircrafts required to cross even the boundaries of the universe and to invade territories of a new universe.

Suddenly Minto shivered in his spine and grabbed himself away from the decoder, panting in astonishment. He remembered the ‘Big-bang’ simulation carried out by the scientists of ‘CERN’, Geneva, in 2010, which was stated as a ‘Venture into the unknown-unknowns’, which just need our patience to let them unveil themselves to the world some or the other time in the future. But, unlocking a new universe would be a ‘venture into unknowable unknowns, which would end up with a different climax and obviously it would be ‘eternal damnation’, damnation of all and any other access to what is sealed as a ‘cosmic secret’, he extrapolated!

His heart began throbbing in a kind of fear a person feels when taking over the reins of an untamed horse, and the fear a person feels when standing in front of God! ‘I have the universe in my hands now. I have its history and its future in my hands. Oh my God, I can’t deal with it because I don’t know where it leads and where it ends. This is an ultra sensitive issue, something byzantine and bizarre’ he thought, ‘Is this what the alien was trying to convey to me? But why me?’

“I can’t do this”, he gasped, “I cannot take over the reins of an untamed wild horse, can I? That doesn’t sound like something I can do!”.

He knew that he cannot control it. He thought, even if he repents now or some other time in the future, will the horse, so wild, so furious and so mysterious stay still once the reins are taken over? No! It gallops away into ‘unknowable unknowns’ when and where proceeding further scientifically or technically will be impossible.

The Green code manifest as a wild horse!

“Access denied!” and that is what means, “Eternal damnation”. “What a disaster we will be up to if the code is revealed to the world?” he cried, because it ain’t actually about a horse, it’s all about the foundations of the universe. It’s about the END!

He wondered whether he had to continue with his fact-finding experiment or quit. Anyway, he wanted to infer a positive approach and continue with his experiments. But he wondered how and why the alien’s blood was carrying all these codes. He also inferred from this that the aliens were far too advanced in science and technology, and the people on Earth must have known better to under estimate them. And also that not all of the aliens were a threat to mankind.

He felt it was time he shared the secret with just one trustworthy person to gain synergy in finding a way to avert any possible nemesis. But he didn’t want to welcome a third person, as their ideas may not synchronise or run parallel if they are three.

He transformed the Omnius, now in the form of decoder into its default model, and hid the star ball and the fluid in an ultra safe vacuum locker. Then he encrypted the syntax of the entire code so that even the decoder cannot decipher it, unless he provides the password, and then signed out from the lab.

. . . . . . . To be continued the day after tomorrow!


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