Cleo Patra – Episode: 6

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Brad, the technocrat and Minto's best buddy

Brad, the technocrat and Minto’s best buddy

The first person that came into Minto’s mind was Brad Muller, his bosom friend. They schooled together, but had to part later, on choosing different universities for their graduations. Muller left for Cambridge and Minto left for UON. Both had a common vision, a passionate insight into humankind. Nevertheless, Minto had to keep the secret even from him. He had reasons behind. One of them was that, Muller was a technocrat, a business tycoon and knew people behind desks and politics. No matter how careful he might be, word always gets out in politics. The other reason was that Muller was good, but not averse to ‘Neonist’ policies. ‘A person with no ideal will have no reason to safeguard the ‘cause of the ideal’, except for friendship’. Minto did not want that. He wanted someone who can safeguard the secret, for the love of humankind, but not for friendship or any other reason. So he gave up on Muller.

He didn’t want to make haste in sharing the secret with anyone else without a proper background check and trust. So he paused his experiments for a while. That is when Muller came to meet him after many long years. He was sorry for the loss of his parents and suggested him to get married to let go off the loneliness. But Minto wouldn’t yield. He said that he want no more relationships, only to lose later and suffer from loneliness for the rest of his life. But Muller insisted. Bloom Wood on the other hand, advocated Muller’s opinions. They theorised that something that happened once may not happen always. Happiness multiplies when shared, but sadness and loneliness diminish when shared. Finally, Minto gave in, and not if it wasn’t for his dearest pal.

Miranda, a willowy lady from Derek and Minto’s niece who loved Minto a lot, delivered her consent, and in no time, they were married. Miranda was flamboyant, stoic and always abided by her spouse’s ideals. And not before a year turned, they had a son and named him, James Waltor. From the day Walt knew his senses, he wanted to be an astronaut. Minto supported him in all aspects.

Minto resumed his work with the code. On one fine day, he learnt about the ‘Bio-RAM’ and was fascinated by it.

“Memory that can be transferred from one alien to another?! You gotta be kidding!” he cried out of an amalgam of ecstasy and distrust.

But when he learnt that the RAM can also be implanted into a human, he was thunderstruck. He couldn’t believe his own senses. ‘No kidding!’ If that is possible, he thought, he can see, hear, smell, ‘understand their language’ and experience anything that the alien has done. Is it going to be a boon or a curse? He doesn’t know. Of course, nobody will! But, sacrificing himself would be worth it, he thought, in case it is going to be a boon. Now what? He’s gotta develop a Gene-implantation cubicle? He drew knowledge from the code about how to construct a Gene-implanter and started constructing it using his Omnius.

One evening, when he was returning home from the lab through the dusk-struck, gloomy Shadow wood, after seven days of strenuous work in the lab, he sensed something was amiss. He felt someone following him, looked around but found none. An invisible structure swayed through the trees and vanished into the space. Discovering that he was already late home, he didn’t stay back to find out what was up, and went on walking his way.

Conference Of Candycap

Few days later, ‘Conference of CandyCap’ with a motive ‘Save the planet Earth’ was organised in CandyCap, the capital city of Anemonia. Minto and Muller represented their nation in the conference. And that is when Minto met Kraler, a scientist from Boston. They had an off-the-record conversation at a table before the actual conference began, when Minto discovered that Kraler was the highly fabled leader of ‘Agency Dextro’, and he too had the same vision like him, a coinciding scenario. As they spoke, Minto’s radiation alerter beeped and gave off a ray to the spy bug implanted beneath the table to spot it to its master. Minto immediately ducked down and spotted the bug.

“Someone’s spying on us”, he whispered to Kraler, and then they cut down the conversation to keep things to themselves.

Kraler recovered the spy bug to find out its implanter through his unique detection brio.

They stood aloof and against the ‘Alien extermination’ proposal made by other delegates in the conference. Minto spoke against invasion of alien territories, when Kraler spoke against captivity and hostility towards aliens. Muller differed with them in this matter, but by tacit knowledge, did not mention his disagreement in the conference for he was with Minto. Above all, he knew Minto and Kraler were going to lose anyway. So there’s no point in fighting against the losing opponent. His instinct proved right. The conference ended with setting up ‘Alien Extermination council’ (A.E. council). Minto and Kraler were shocked to see almost all the delegates signing up for the council within seconds of its origin.



That is when another U.F.O. sighting took place, not long after the council was set up. Minto turned off the T.V. and set off to the lab to reactivate the camouflage gadgets, as the rays from the U.F.O. might have affected its disposition. And this time Minto was sure that the Anemonian government will not give up on its hunt, whatever may come. He did not find any malice a fore thought in the U.F.O. zapping down the shepherd with its rays. The shepherd was still alive and breathing, and Minto did not understand why the Anemonian government was creating such a commotion in the public. He believed that aliens were creatures living far away from planet Earth, who visit it now and then on a jolly trip. They were to be shown hospitality, not hostility.

. . . . . . . To be continued the day after tomorrow.

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