Cleo Patra – Episode: 7

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Captain Kraler and James Minto

The genie of detection and the Science wizard

A week later, in Kraler’s private office, agency Dextro, Boston:

“And this is the picture of the Star ball, I’ve been telling you about, Mr. Kraler”, Minto said, spreading a canvas out on the table.

Kraler bent over the table and gazed at the picture through his magnifier, when Minto lolled back into the chair and lit his pipe, saying, “and that’s the code”.

Kraler was considered as a ‘Genie of detection’ by his compatriots. But, he was an Evolutionary biologist by profession and thus was skilled in drawing series of incidents and interpreting their course of action. He hated Anemonian government like hell fire for its Neonist policies. He ran the private detective agency ‘Dextro’, (which means ‘right’) that trained and produced many double agents to spy Anemonian embassy in their homeland and their embassy in Anemonia, by doing which he found out many under world pacts made between the two governments, though they seemed to be enemies to the outside world.

The agents (Dextrites) were also the group who drew inspiration from Minto’s principles, ideals and thoughts. But, they differed with him in the ‘Sole soul’ concept, which interprets that ‘the power of the soul abates with killing of a person’. They advocated that the anti-social elements, enemies of the state and traitors must die, and in fact, it is due to such elements should the power of the soul abate. The Dextrites have already assassinated very brutally many of the left wing candidates that have resisted ‘the anti-nuclear pact’ from coming into force. Till then nobody knew who led agency ‘Dextro’, though Dextro made many public claims of assassinating the above said people.

And when NBC launched a public poll to estimate public support to Dextro, 78% of the people supported their acts that led to unprecedented changes in the politics of Anemonia. On the other hand, many youth yearned to be Dextrites themselves. ‘But how?’ they used to wonder, because finding or interacting with Dextro team or its leader was impossible! Minto condemned their acts. Minto, who knew that the Dextrites approve of his ideals, said, “Dear brothers, please retreat from this operation. Come back!” But the Dextrites wouldn’t yield, “The principles we’ve chosen for safeguarding this world are our life. And the day we deny them, is the day we have died!”

August 20, 1999, ten years before the A.E.C. was set up:

A typical Agent and Dextro seal.

A typical Agent and Dextro seal.

It had been two months since the poll was launched. And they were the days when there were allegations against the agents that they abducted women, raped them and killed them brutally by ripping their stomach open. Each dead body of a woman carried a Dextro seal, which the murderers have left behind as a token of proof. But Dextro disclaimed responsibility for the murders. There were allegations also against Minto, who addressed those agents as ‘brothers’. Anemonian government launched ‘Mission Laevo’ (means ‘left’, opposite of ‘right’, that is ‘Dextro’) with $2000 million to trace out the head quarters of Dextro, demolish it, and terminate ‘Mission Dextro’. Leavo started its global hunt for Dextro. The case was still on investigation when another hard core murder came into light, which shook the world with terror.

That night, a 16-year-old boy, who has been longing to be a Dextrite, walked the subway of Slipper’s shire aka Denver all alone. A dark blue car came from nowhere and stopped by him. A person in a black over coat and a black mask on his face got down the car.

The boy was little tensed at first looking at him, but when the stranger said, “There’s no loss if a star deteriorates or if a man dies”, the boy smiled and extended his hand for a shake, “Hi, I’m Harry”.

But the stranger did not shake his hand. Remembering that he too should tell away the counter password, the boy said, “Another star will not be born, but a man will!”

The stranger then shook the boy’s hand and was about to get him into the car, when the boy said, “Sir, I have a friend, Donald who also want to be a Dextrite. Can I call him over?”

The stranger smiled wickedly behind the mask and said, “You both will surely meet!”

He shut the car’s door and they drove away.

“Can I talk to him once?” Harry insisted on their way.

The stranger nodded in agreement. That night, Donald received a mail from the agents with Dextro seal asking him to meet them in the subway. But, for some reasons, Donald couldn’t make it.

The next day, many youth along with Harry were found dead in the same condition, their stomachs ripped open and only differing in dates of their murder. The whole world stood at awe at the incident. Investigations began. The President of Anemonia resigned taking the moral responsibility. Anemonia was on ‘emergency’ when F.B.I. came into the scene. The Dextrites aware of the government’s ire over them, ceased to extend their condolences for the dead, but the very act turned the whole world against them. A boy named Donald appeared suddenly on T.V. stating that the Dextrites are the ones behind these murders.

“Harry, my friend who was killed yesterday called me last night and said he was going away with the Dextrites to be a Dextrite. How could they kill a guy who wanted to be one of their kind? I have a mail of theirs too”, he said showing the mail he received the night before, “If I have followed the path my friend did, I too might have ended up the same way as he did”.

F.B.I. officers, who have already reached the T.V. studio by then, recovered the mail from Donald as soon as he came out of the studio and took him straight away to F.B.I. headquarters.

Meanwhile, the police released the video tape recovered from C.C. cameras of the subway. It seemed that Harry wasn’t abducted, but boarded the car on his free will and got killed. Kraler was shocked to see the dress code of the guy in the video, the car and the seal depicting that of the Dextrites’. He guessed someone else was trying to shatter their reputation by giving the public a false impression. ‘But who is it that knew their moves, dress code, car and the new seal so perfectly?’ he wondered. He made a claim that they were not responsible for the murders and it was someone else. And that he wouldn’t hesitate to announce if he kills anyone. But, the world, which by then strongly believed that Dextrites were the ones behind the murders, from Donald’s statements, ceased to forgive them. The F.B.I. who did not seek Mission Laevo’s help till then, resolved to work with them, on learning that Dextrites were their ‘common target’.

Since then the agents were stamped as ‘notorious’, but the ‘Anti-Dextro league’ (Laevo and F.B.I.) hardly succeeded in finding Dextrites and terminating ‘Mission Dextro’.


“If not you, then who’s behind those murders?” Minto inquired.

“An impostor who proved to me for the first time in my life, that I’m a bad, unable detective. I missed the shot. Did I miss something?”, Kraler sighed, “Oh yeah, if the F.B.I. had played fair in their investigations, they would have ended up finding the real culprit. If the culprit was smarter than F.B.I., then the F.B.I. should have at least ended up without finding out the real culprit. But since neither of them happened, and they have ended up with me, it means they have played foul and are on the side of the real culprit. Or at least, they are on the side I’m not!  It was all a plot to touch me and damn my mission. Some highly influential big brothers are behind it. I’ve just been in exile these many days, since the assassination of those innocent kids, to let the heat of ‘Anti-Dextro league’ cool down, but my mission is not yet over!”

. . . . . . . To be continued the day after tomorrow!


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