Cleo Patra-Episode: 8


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James Waltor

James Waltor

For the first time in his life, Kraler trusted someone other than his subjects (his trusted spies), and himself. Minto not only caught his eye, but also his heart with his passion for living beings and his self-less approach towards the code, which can make him the Lord of the universes if he wants to. It astonished him when he learnt that Minto wanted to seal the code forever.

“But why?” Kraler enquired.

Minto took a long breath and said, “If in any case must the code be revealed to someone, it won’t stop there, but could lead to ‘reign of terror’ and ‘claim and conquer’! Because the code is a key to ‘re-creation’, which is a simulation of creation. And who ever creates, reigns! Not for the moment, but it would be true in the coming years. What say?

God said, ‘Worship none, but me!’ Do you think we will be retained with the right of worshiping none but God, if those so called ‘re-creators’ come to reign the universe?! Do you think God still keeps quite or just says, “Forgive them Father for they art not know what they are doing!” just like he said at His crucifixion? He might as well say that if He was being crucified again, but not when his people are! And do you think He will forgive those, his rivals? No! It’s gonna be a different climax, and obviously be ‘Eternal Damnation’, damnation of all and any other accesses to what God sealed as a ‘Divine secret!’

And unveiling a Divine secret is not all by human means. There’s a conspirer behind, and you know who it is! God wants it to be it, a Divine secret, not just for His own arcane reasons, but even for the welfare of us, human beings. But what will his rivals do?! They take over the reins of an untamed wild horse, the one that they haven’t dealt with earlier. They dunno how to control it and have no right to know either! And it is our Lord almighty, who knows the controls and the ways too. Don’t think I’m being too Biblical or unscientific. Being humans, we are ought only to safeguard the secrets and the soul. Nothing else!”

Kraler felt so convinced that he sighed in relief that he finally found someone who can be trusted into anything. He espoused Minto’s very thought that no human has the right to harm another human or an alien just because his dear life was at stake. The change!

“I have something important to tell you, Mr. Kraler. We must now on communicate only in code and the one we’re gonna communicate through will be the MER-code itself”. Kraler agreed.

Then they discussed about the Omnius and other things, but all through their conversation, Minto did not mention about the location of the EURO lab. Minto also advocated that there is a means that can convey memories of a person to his next generation, just like his genes. But he did not mention the word, ‘Bio-RAM’ in particular. Finally, they resolved to set up a secret campaign to dissolve A.E. council and to encrypt MER-code forever, because they cannot destroy it. Then Minto took a private train to Slipper’s shire through a secret subway set up by Kraler.


house on fire

The James villa on fire

When he reached the premises of his house, he heard wailing sirens from ambulances and witnessed a light-lit scenario from afar. His walking turned into brisk-walking and his brisk-walking into running.

“Miranda!” he cried looking at his house on fire.

When he was about to break into the house, a police officer held him by his waist and resisted him, “Mr. James Minto, please hold on”.

Minto found no comfort hearing about his beloved wife’s death along with the valets, and looking at the tragic scene in front of him. He burst into tears and fell to his knees.

“We are sorry, Mr. Minto. We reached here as soon as possible, but in vain. Someone implanted a bomb in the basement. Investigation is set up. We’re on it and we’ll soon track down the suspects”, the police officer said.

Minto didn’t find his voice and was wondering who was behind all the mayhem.

Meanwhile, after a long wait for his father who promised to pick him up at Slipper’s shire airport, Walt resolved to go home all by himself by a taxi. On reaching home and on learning about his mother’s death, he hugged his father and wailed like a baby boy. They found no solace in the entire world for the loss! The change!



Don't say goodbye!

Don’t say goodbye!

“I want you to get married as soon as possible and never come back home, Walt”, Minto said turning his face towards the window, lest Walt should see the tears and agony in his eyes. Walt was taken aback. He felt like being driven into the darkness and obscureness of destiny.

James Waltor was already internationally renowned for his contributions to NASAP. He flew into space on 25 missions and broke the records of Chang Diaz who has flown into space on seven missions. No other astronaut of the world held the credit of doing this. He was just taken into ‘Neon-astro-team’ to fly to Pluto.

Minto had a gut feeling that someone was trying to harm him and his dear ones. So he wanted to send Walt, the only ‘Achilles’ heel’ he has got, away forever.

And before Walt could jump in with an objection, Minto said, “And stay with NASAP. Hire security. I can’t lose you too. You’re the only one I’ve got to say, I have a family”.

Walt understood by tacit knowledge what his father meant and then nodded his head in agreement. He just knew he’s not gonna see his loving father ever again in his life, ever. The change!

“Don’t let me know anything about you after your marriage. Mr. Bloom Wood will take care of the rest”, Minto concluded, at which Walt’s heart pricked, but he did not say anything back.

Minto was about to implant the Bio-RAM into himself after his son’s marriage, the last thing he wanted to know. After that whatever happens, will be read into the Bio-RAM, which may allow the bad guys to know the whereabouts of his son or his daughter-in-law, in case they get hold of the RAM,,, the reason why Minto did not want to know anything about his son after his marriage. Minto gave a deep thought before whatever he said or did. And Walt knew his dad in and out!

Walt left to CandyCap and Minto took back to his work at the EURO lab. Some days later, he heard that his Walt got married to a girl from India, Sheetal with whom Walt was in courtship since long. Minto sighed in relief, but felt down hearted as the news evoked his wife’s memories in him. He slid into a chair and closed his eyes. Thenceforth, Minto hardly trusted even his shadow and turned hard-headed, and didn’t go back home since Walt left. But he did not forget the ‘sole soul’ he had to save.

. . . . . . . To be continued the day after tomorrow!

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