Alone… with?

Little Hannah was alone…

in her little cottage of wood;

But she’d jump like a cheerful fawn

and try to fly like a humming bird!


She’d look at sky and down at earth…

and jump so high in joy and mirth;

She’d touch her heart and hear it

throbbing, “lubb and dup!”

She’d tell her heart, “I’m alone”, but

hear it say “lubb and dup”.

Then she’d cry and cry and then give up!


When morning greets her with its smile…

she’d think the sun her friend a while!

Lo! But when he grows hot in noon…

she’d cry, “Aw, go away soon!”


Then she’d calmly hope for the rising moon…

Till then she’d say, “I’m alone!”

When moon arrives though bright and round

but, she scared of the darkness around,

Would shut her eyes and fall to the ground!


“But she never suffered hunger…

       nor the nature’s anger

nor the winter’s shiver

       nor got drowned in a river! ”


At dusk she’d stand by the door…

hoping for a human heart to pass by;

She’d walk and walk across the moor…

and reach a bright blue stream nearby!


She’d sit by the stream and peep into it…

a pale pink face very dusty;

With dried up streams that have

passed through the dust;

reminding her that she was alone!



Looking at the grassy lands…

and looking at the twinkling sands,

she’d cover her face with her hands

and sobs and sobs till her heart demands!


“But she never suffered hunger…

       nor the nature’s anger

nor the winter’s shiver

       nor got drowned in a river! ”


She’d sit by the furnace with a lurking hope…

in the cold-cold winters drinking her soup;

that one would come very near to her

and make her his child, so dear…


And one day that she saw in her dream…

was an unknown man with a golden gleam;

with eyes of sapphires and hair with curls…

lips of rubies and teeth of pearls!


Voice of thunder

and that’s a man of wonder…

patting her with his golden palm;

and so she slept in peace and calm…

and woke up next day bright and warm!



“But she never suffered hunger…

       nor the nature’s anger

nor the winter’s shiver

       nor got drowned in a river!

and that’s what is her wonder!!”


She has always felt a guiding hand,

leading her through seas and land;

and when that night turned…

she looked at the moon with a nod

and said, staring into the darkness…

“I’m alone…….alone with God!”

“And that’s how, on sober reflection I got to know, though I was really alone, there was some force driving me optimistic and getting me through the most horrible moments of my boredom and despair…

No ship in a vast ocean too sinks unless it takes the water in and no one is really alone in this world unless they think they are!

And when there’s no one,,, there’s still God!”

You think, you’re still alone???

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