Cleo Patra – Episode: 9


Neither will tolerate the bad for long

Neither will tolerate the bad for long

Nature is patient. It cannot always defend the good, but will neither tolerate the bad for long… It awaits its chance!

A pandemic, ‘Cerebrialysis’ broke out in the world. The disease was dreadful, killed all the cells of Cerebrum of the brain, and lead to the death of the victim within 24 hours of infection. Scientists worked very hard to find a remedy to the disease. The disease swept the world with terror and left people hardly winking. Minto still in EURO lab, turned off the T.V. and for the first time signed out of the lab to save the world at the brink of death. He took up the project in collaboration with NCRBAS, when most of the senior most scientists gave up, as the virus, whose origins were not known, was highly unyielding to any formula, and even threatened lives of the scientists who dealt with it.

“Your life might be at risk”, Muller warned Minto, when Minto answered, “I see a soul, a sole soul binding all living beings in this universe. How can I give up on it when I’m too bound to the same soul?”

He forewent food and many of his sleeping hours and finally came up with a formula for the cure.

The world stood at awe looking at his earth shattering innovation. Minto just loved venturing into unprecedented, evolutionary and innovative elegance of science.

“I envy you!” Muller said, when Minto retorted, “I envy God!”


Minto retired to the EURO lab. After a long time, the gene-implantation chamber got ready. Minto had already erased all his memories about his son and his daughter-in-law and every narrow detail pertaining to them, using his unique anti-cognition formula, which can be made to act on specific memories. You know about it already, don’t you? But for the last time, before erasing his memories, he dialled his son, who did not know what was about to happen to his dad, and they had a hearty chat. Then he slid himself into the implantation slot in the Gene-implanter and sealed the lid behind him under pressurised vacuum. He kept this secret even from Kraler, who was busy in his detection.

Meanwhile, in the A.E. executive office, CandyCap:

“We suspect an alien breach to be on the go. Alien probes have detected two spacecrafts to have entered our atmosphere, but Tracer jets made a vain attempt in tracing them. Should we accredit this to the inability of the government or to the super intelligence of the aliens?” the chief in command of A.E. council and CEO of I.A.S., Mr. Tony D’souja asked.

Muller gave a vague attention to the meeting. He just sat lolling in his chair and sipping hot chocolate.

“There’s no fault from the side of the army”, Mr. Lorentz Montana, Neon army chief stated, “We only act under the I.A.S. command, which is supposed to carry out the surveillance and report us the whereabouts of the aliens. You show us where the aliens are and we’ll make sure to bring ’em down. We are only number two in command”.

“Well then, I command Mr. Hubble Procista, chief of Alien probe fleet to make haste in tracing out the U.F.Os and the aliens, wherever they are hiding on this planet, whether under an ocean or a volcano or in a camouflage. We lost once in tracing out an U.F.O., which left a shepherd in a delirious state and people in distrust for the government. This time I’m not going to let that happen”, D’souja concluded.

Hubble clad himself in his cap and left, determined to bring down the alien spacecrafts at any cost.

A lighting struck the sky marking a miracle the world has ever witnessed

A lighting struck the sky marking a miracle the world has ever witnessed

That night, a lightning struck the sky from the dome of the EURO lab, marking a miracle. The gene-implantation chamber opened automatically and Minto stepped out of it, feeling overwhelming and energies bubbling up inside him. He felt like passing out for a while due to the over scaled energy, but resisted and helped himself to a chair. Then he took some revitalizing fluids and shook his head side to side to settle his consciousness. Now with a clear vision, he saw things he never expected to see, through the alien’s vision… The alien’s memories, thoughts and experiences are now his’ ! For a while, he thought he was daydreaming. But as he got into the bottom line of the situation, graveness filled his senses.

. . . . . . . To be continued!


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