Cleo Patra – Episode: 10


(For the entire episodes till date, have a look at the category ‘eBook’ and please read from Episode: 1 at the bottom if you want to understand & capture the entire gist of the story… Thank you! :) )

Conspiracy executed!

Conspiracy executed!

On the planet Jaquano, the neighbouring planet of Ultima:

The Jaquilins were taken aback to see a ‘Zuphian eclipse’, the one they never experienced before. Gloom cast over Jaquano and so in the hearts of Jaquilins. They knew that the Ultimans, with the aid of an Outlander (the one from the Earth) have finally adopted this step to take over them. Plants on Jaquano wilted and juveniles suffered from hunger. Famine gobbled up Jaquano. Jaquar, the king set out to create alternative source of energy, while Jaquin helped him. They are the royal couple with the ‘Secret code’, the ‘Nova-MER-code’. ‘Why, when they can see the future, couldn’t they avert this catastrophe?’ Minto thought. It was because, the Outlander installed a dome of bio-firewall around Ultima, which sealed it from external perception through any means that left the Jaquilins unaware of the Ultiman conspiracies and moves. They know just until the entry of the Outlander, the accomplice, into Ultima and knew nothing after that.

Jaquin saw a bad omen. The blood thirsty Ultimans have already breached their atmosphere with their war troops. They killed the Jaquilins, young and old alike, and destroyed all that is left that can make a Jaquilin’s survival possible. Their war-crafts rammed through the sky-scrapers and the control rooms of Jaquano, Ultimans laughing wickedly. In spite of the powerful counter attack from Jaquilins, Ultimans still out did. In no time, Jaquano was turned into ashes and finally Jaquar was held hostage. But they found Jaquin missing, who was already on a destination less flight. She had the ‘Nimbus’, the decoder the Ultimans badly wanted and her son, the royal heir with her.

‘So the Star-ball is the ‘Nimbus, a microcosm of Zuphius!’’, Minto realised, ‘and the alien was Queen Jaquin….her highness. Then those brutes must have tracked her down to Earth and abducted her, hoping to recover the Nimbus from her. I must at all times protect the Nimbus’. He saw her son slip into a gorge and when she was about to follow him down, someone shot her and she felt an acute pain in her waist. ‘So, Jaquin died of the shot’, Minto realised. Then he saw Jaquin taking another route in the jungle, the one away from the gorge. ‘What about her son? Have the baddies found him?’ he wondered. She reached a covert, the one where Minto met her and where he saw her pass away.

A pot of mysteries

A pot of mysteries

But, I’ll tell you what happened to Jaquin’s son, Zetor that night. Someone found him groaning in pain. He was a British general whose private flight has to land in Shadow wood on some emergency. He was lost in the woods with his entourage, in search of a shelter for the night. He spotted Zetor, the royal heir and treaded softly towards him in the darkness, having no idea what was really there. His entourage dared not go near as they felt some treacherous beast was out there and halted a few yards away. The general spotted him in his torch light and touched him, when Zetor shrunk in fear.

“It’s ok. I got you… I got you. You are safe!”, the general said taking him into his hands.

“Let’s hand over him to the A.E.C.”, someone suggested.

“So the human in you has died already?! Then do it with your own hands. Hand him over!”, the general cried passing Zetor into his hands.

“Um sorry, sir”, the person said and hung his head in remorse.

“I just had a son, my wife gifted me, and am on my way to see him”, the general said, “I can’t let another kid, which this nature gifted me, whoever it is or whoever’s child it is, to die on me”.

. . . . . . . To be continued.


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