An ode to the people who are the embodiments of  LUB and DUP of my heart

An ode to the people who are the embodiments of LUB and DUP of my heart

“I hail from a rich-middle class family. Yes, you heard me right! Middle class, in terms of money and rich, in terms of inheritance. Though we don’t have all that we desire, we absolutely have all that we deserve. The real inheritance anyone can get is time and love from their parents, in spite of their adversities… I got them in abundance! Of course, all who come from such family may not be a winner, but a winner surely comes from such a family, if he got one! I’m lucky in that case, just like many of you are… Thank you very much! 🙂

They have given me the real inheritance… strength to struggle to survive, and wisdom to act wise. They were always there to lift me up in times of failure! They taught me, it’s not when you win a game that you are a real winner, but it’s when you’ve got people around to tap your shoulder at times of defeat! The best lesson ever! So I really can say “I’m a winner!”

There were times when I used to hesitate to aim high, because as my aims grow higher and higher, my parents may want to work harder and harder to help me meet my aim. But would they let me give up?!… NO! They offered to provide me with all that they could to help me reach my targets!

And there were times when I used to think whether I deserve to enjoy all that they were providing me. I haven’t worked for any of them, but still enjoying them! If I were to seek a boon from God I’d just ask Him to take ‘them’ before me… Yes, I can’t pass away earlier and leave lifelong grief behind for them!

God, take them first!

“Those people, I knew them since long…

but not before they knew me;

and I’m not  new to them!

Those two people, I felt…

were my two eyes;

Thus I never attempted to cry!

But whenever I see them…

I begin to cry;

Tears of joy, I suppose!


Generation gap alone keeps us far…

But you see, my friends they are;

God’s gift, I believe!

I see them working for me…

but not for gold;

kind at heart they are!

Wearing crowns of mercy…

Seated on my heart’s throne;

The royal couple they are!


With me their joys they share…

but always keep me unaware;

of their loses and defeats!

But they are real winners…

Winners of my heart, I believe;

And warmth of their love I receive!


Much against His will, God could…

lay only death, a barrier;

separating our bodies!

But you see we are bound…

by love, I suppose!!

I enjoy their very presence In my heart;

It says, “Mom-dad! Mom-dad!”


Never part from your parents, because you are part of them…

And they are what you are made of, and made your life of!

❤ speaks!

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