Yet a heart that loves beats!

Yet a heart that loves beats!

“Why should tears be the only vent to the pain deep within, when our loved ones leave us?! Why can’t we just laugh and forget that person like he never existed?! Why are some people given eyes that can see only others’ teary eyes, but not the bleeding heart inside?!

Why should I care where my loved one is when he’s not right beside me?! Even if he was beside me for a few moments, filling each with bliss worth a life time, it would still be a memory the next moment, isn’t it? So, I started living with him just in thoughts, like I did this and did that with him… But it pains me measurelessly whenever I have to accept that those things never really happened…

Those distances never covered…

And that love never requited!

How can I feel his touch, at least in my thoughts when I never had his touch really?! How can I enjoy his smiling when I never had him smiling for me?! Though he never smiled for me, the only reason behind my tears being the only vent to my pain within is that, all my smiles and happiness have gone to search him,…leaving loads of tears behind to accompany me!

But the painful thing is those tears were real, not just in thoughts! And the reason behind why I can’t just laugh and forget that person like he never existed is that, he’s not just a memory…but my life and I lived with him at least in my thoughts! And something we think or do can never be undone!

And the even hardest and painful thing that I discovered as days passed was that I cried for the love that never existed, for the person that never was mine! But, my tears were true and showed their existence always!!

There’s a great Abyss between our hearts and there’s that love somewhere else, the Abyss can’t hold…

But why does my heart still keep loving and keep on beating when all that I really want to do is die?!… Just because, he’s living in me!

Save me before you, living in me, gets drowned along with me in my tears that have already filled the Abyss between us…

I’m not too far!!!”

I'm not too far!

I’m not too far!

Abyss lies between thee and me;

Yet a heart that loves beats!

Smiles of mine have gone to search thee;

And my heart, the sorrow treats!!


If only thee could hear my heart

and thine eyes could look into the abyss…

I could pull my heart from drought

and my heart could taste the bliss!


If my thoughts could reach you through

the dangling sweet air spray;

Then my love and lust for you is true.

Even my regret keeps me gay!


With your love I could live with

just one heart beat…

I could gather my strength and breath

even when snakes hiss!

But nothing in this world

could be more sweet…

to the lovelorn ones in regret,

than a loving kiss!!


Though I’m from thee so far and far…

and tears have begun to ruin me!

Yet, I love to make myself a temple for…

you, lest no other could reign me!!”



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