Cleo Patra – Episode: 11


Minto tried a lot to know who the Outlander from Earth was, but it wasn’t recorded in Jaquin’s memory. He only remembered her saying, “Sonas gree ha Jaquin”, that was in her memory, which meant, “I am Jaquin”, but he couldn’t remember what she said after that, because by then Minto has already drawn the fluid with the Bio-RAM out from her body. Thus, the RAM didn’t contain the info about events that took place after that. But as far as his memory went, he remembered the words, ‘enmor sa grita ounato’ which means, ‘Save it from Outlander’. He can understand that now from the alien’s memory. He was still trying to remember from the alien’s memory anything else the alien said, when his pager beeped. ‘Watch the news’, it read.

Minto immediately switched on the T.V. and look, what he heard, “Twenty thousand people, downtown Slipper’s shire have died of a syndrome, believed to be due to the side effects of the vaccine Mr. James Minto created on a sensational scale. It was believed that he has doped the drug with a substance of alien origin that led to the disaster. The police are now on hunt for Minto, since they found that he has not come home since he discovered the vaccine. This gave way to suspicions about him that he was hiding somewhere knowing this would happen. A case has been filed against him under ‘Civil disobedience’, for the violation of the A.E.C. executive laws. As the allegations against him were proved right, and since he is on the run, the Anemonian government has issued ‘shoot at sight’ orders to the marshals”…

Minto couldn’t believe his own ears and wondered what the world was coming to, ‘I’m on the run?!’. As the lab was on jammers, he immediately signed out from the lab, to contact Mr. Bloom Wood. And as soon as he came out of the lab to the top, his mobile rang.

It was Muller on the other side, “Minto, you are running out of time. Just flee and I’ll take care of the rest. Nobody’s ready to hear to what you say right now. No case, no custody, no hearings, just ‘shoot at sight’ right away”…

“But… but I did nothing”, Minto tried to stutter out of his brain storm.

“Listen, A.E. council has taken this personally, because see what they discovered in the vaccine, traces of a substance seeming to be of alien origin. They got an anonymous tip off the other day informing them that you were the one working on that substance. May be you were working on it for a different cause and some mishap has taken place, I can understand. But, they strongly believe that you’ve been aiding and abetting aliens recently, and you can imagine how this will end up if you get caught. I trust you Minto, but I can’t protect you right now, and there’s nowhere you can hide in this country. The whole state’s on commotion and uproar”.

Minto hung down the phone, downhearted and fell into a deep thought. Everything seemed topsy-turvy to him in his life at that moment. He guessed, he still had a task before him. He must save the soul and that cannot be possible if he gets caught. Thus, he fled the country.

Denver Devil”, the Times magazine and the paparazzi entitled him on the paper.


Kraler was astonished at this incident. ‘Minto wouldn’t have committed this crime. He will not do such a thing for the entire world!’ he thought, ‘And I know you will not fail me and especially your conscience, Minto’.

But, a few days later, Kraler found a mail at his doorstep, a mail from Minto in ‘Nova-MER-code’.

It read, “I hope you are doing well Kraler. You know, I loved humankind and were ready to lay down my life for it, if it demanded. But what have I received in return? Blame and blasphemy… You know how it feels like when you lose your dear ones? I lost them twice at the cost of this world and yet I forgave. But this time, I’m not gonna! I’ll come back to avenge it. Don’t try to find me. I’m a million kilometres away from Earth. Good bye, Kraler”.

Kraler was thunder struck on reading this. He went around to find the person who dropped the letter by, but found none, ‘You can’t do this Minto, you can’t. If you do, I’ll never forgive you, ever’. Kraler solemnly dreamt and envisioned ‘termination of A.E. council with the help of Minto’. Now all that he is left with is just the ‘dream’, because without the facts and secrets about the aliens, which are in Minto’s hold, he cannot protest such a powerful organisation.

After twenty days, Kraler got another mail too in Nova-MER-code!



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