Cleo Patra : Episode- 12

Countdown began for the attack of other planets in Milky Way, inhabited by aliens. NASAP has produced some kickass war crafts in collaboration with I.A.S. and Anemonian army. Kraler resolved to find some other way to avert this bio-menace. He tried to negotiate with A.E. council, but in vain. ‘You better stay out of the way, Kraler’, the A.E. council warned him, ‘should you by any means try to stop this, you will regret for the rest of your life’. But, Kraler insisted, “You gotta hear me. You don’t know what you are up to, and what those aliens can do if you should mess with them. They know about the ongoing conspiracies”.
Tony frowned, “What are you talking about? You mean, they are watching us, or someone’s conveying them the info about us?”
“They ‘are’ watching us…” and before Kraler could complete, Tony jumped in, “Wait wait wait… how do you know about all these? Seems like you are quiet interactive Mr. Kraler. A double agent, of course! Let me make sure that you are arrested for your civil disobedience, just like your friend was”.
“No, please listen to me. I must now confess… Minto knew all this. He worked on some fluid of an alien he found in the woods, almost dying of exhaustion from journey from a planet 70 light years away…”, Kraler gave in, hoping that should serve his purpose of wanting the bio-menace to stop.
Suddenly, all the members of A.E.C. looked at each other and burst into a quick laughter.
“You mean, an alien from 700 trillion kilometres away?! That should have used up all the fuel in this universe”, Hubble intervened, “and that should have led to fuel crisis, but it did not. You gotta be kidding!”.
“You are right, Mr. Procista. You are right in case of humans, but those aliens have a fuel that can last for another ten journeys as such. You gotta trust me on this. And their universal surveillance has no rivals…” Kraler went on.
Tony, who has been staring at Kraler, since he mentioned about Minto’s work with the alien fluid, now opened his mouth, “So, Minto was sure working on this fluid. I only thought that rumour had this, and was trying to find out the facts once we got Minto! All that shoot at sight orders was a drama to drive the rat out of the hole. But since he’s gone now and the allegations turned out to be true though your own words, you must also have known the whereabouts of Minto. And drawing the truth out from you is as easy as falling off a log for me. But I don’t have much time for this right now. But you take your time in the prison to make sure that things turn out easy for me and for you as well, Mr. Kraler”.
“No, you don’t know what can happen if you continue with your plans”, Kraler cried as he was grabbed away from the A.E.C. presence to be imprisoned…
In a prison, whose locations were unknown, Kraler awaited his agents who were already on their way to rescue him, having received a secret message from him. A silent shadow crept in through the window and popped up into an agent. He turned Kraler also into a shadow by spraying a potion on him and they absconded. Simple as that! Kraler quickly retired to agency ‘Dextro’, underground, along with his subjects to device plans to stop the menace.

Nature can't be patient anymore!

Nature can’t be patient anymore!

The final crusade against the aliens began. Neon war crafts undercover on a far away planet, surveilling the aliens for many months were ready to come out of their covert on a ‘go’ signal. The sky turned grisly and winds changed their courses. War crafts at NASAP were ready to take off on count ‘0’ (zero). People all around the world were all eyes to witness the zero hour. All televisions tuned to NBC, the exclusive broadcaster of the space shot and the extra terrestrial ‘A.E. Mission’. The sun went down hanging back to see the dark hour and the sky adopted an eerie shade. ‘Minus ten minutes to impact planet Quixon©. Nine, eight, seven, …..’ went the countdown. Tony was grave, standing afar from the dashboard to have a full view of all the monitors and gave a proud, calm look at them, hoping everything was going smooth and fine.
But what was that! Suddenly, the Earth shook violently, as ‘BANG!!!’ went an explosion. People were confused and alarmed.
“For God’s sake, what the hell’s going on out there?” Tony D’souja cried, rushing towards the dashboard.
Earth tremored again and this time the operators at the dashboard threw out of their chairs. Norwegians first spotted an asteroid zooming down to the Earth and some heavenly herculean U.F.Os following them, and relayed the same to the control unit. Aliens on their first strike! What’s the world coming to?!!!!!!
“Activate the star troop and switch on the ballistic missiles”, Tony commanded the war league, “they ain’t asteroids, but alien bombs. What have we done!”
Fighter aircrafts rose into the air and a fierce dogfight took place between them and the alien war crafts.
Suddenly they lost contact with the Neon war crafts, under cover on other planets. Of course, humans are great, but they must have known better to underestimate the aliens! It was already too late. Alien warheads blasted all the Neon war crafts, both under cover and in camouflage, to nothing. No traces of them were found after the blast. A wave of fear swept across the Earth as the news spread to every corner of it. Commotion and chaos filled the Earth. Kids tucked to their mummy and daddy, shivering in fear, with a pathetic and haunted look in their eyes. All news firms were shut down to stop spread of fear among the people through the news they convey. Every knee bent in reverence and every head bowed in remorse!
‘Kraler was right’, Tony felt. “Where’s Kraler? Bring him to me right now!” he cried at his subordinates, hoping to better the situation by seeking Kraler’s aid, and to save Kraler himself in the first place.
But when he came to know that Kraler had already fled, he punched the air in agony, ‘Oh, what have I done! He was trying to help me, but I denied. Underestimated and imprisoned in haste the one that cannot be held long in prison, and the one whom I need the most now. And now he’s gone and so is the last and the only chance to save the Earth’.
Why, when it is time to pay, nothing can save someone? Even God! He just watches, but does not come to rescue. Access denied! Eternal damnation!!
That is when an emergency news broadcast line opened, fetching a message from A.E. council. All the people who have reserved their suites in ‘Haven’, a space craft designed to rescue people at the no-help-can-do situations of a war or a catastrophe, were called upon to hurry to NASAP for their take off. Rumour had it that they will be orbiting the Earth until the nemesis passes over. It was so designed that it can even defend itself against alien attack and powerful radiations. And since the toughest metal used to construct Haven was rare and fuel available was insufficient, only few people (elite aristocrats who have paid for) got tickets to it. Haven was enclosed in a highly secure underground terminal in NASAP and people were allowed to enter it only through a secret tunnel that opens into Haven from beneath. It seemed that the take off would shatter the foundations of the Earth. Migration began!
Many of the reserved candidates died in alien attack during their travel to NASAP. Finally, half of them reached NASAP, half of whom were bruised and many crippled. The lay and the abandoned just prayed God to give them enough strength to face death. The soul wailed for help, looking at its kids fighting each other, destroying it (the soul) in course. The pyramid of Budo, which held a master mystery inside it, stood helpless in saving the soul just like furnace of a blacksmith, which breathes but has no life. Secrets buried in the sands of time were never unveiled. Tony D’souja wanted to find out where Kraler was, not to seek help, because he knew that there’s nothing much he could do then to avert the havoc. He just wanted to save a worthy human like Kraler by taking him on to Haven and pass him on to the next generation, if one would exist. He boarded another plane without anyone’s knowledge and took off in search of Kraler. Meanwhile, Haven rose from underground as the foundations of the Earth rattled. People with a last breath looked at it and died cursing their fate. Trees got uprooted and flew furiously with the raging winds, mountains fell to the ground with a heavy thud, oceans roared in agony, their tides eddying high to escape the turmoil, and volcanoes busted in woe spewing the lava high out into the skies to escape the heat of the nemesis. A bird, whose eggs has just hatched, shook in terror as it saw a big tree hurling towards it. It wrapped its kids with its trembling, but warm wings, lying to them that they are safe and nothing is going to harm them. But aware of what is going to happen, it closed its eyes. Whoomp! The mighty tree crashed right into them.
The Earth collapsed! Since ages, nature has been patient, not because it can’t punish, but because it doesn’t want to. Do you think it can’t act?
“I kept my promise, haven’t I?” Kraler who was underground received a mail in MER-code!
——-o End of part-I o——-

(Copyright  © 2013 by Sudhira Spurthi K J. All Rights Reserved. Smashwords Edition)



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