Cleo Patra And A World Of Tomorrow: Part II-Intro



The nemesis passed. Aliens retreated after making many vain attempts in destroying Haven. Nerve-racking silence reined the planet for many days. The vanity of the humans (the Havenians) vanished in the silence, thinking of the ones that they had left behind in the clutches of torment and death. The truth about agents died with Tony D’souja, who never made it to Haven. After making sure that the aliens have left the galaxy, Haven, which was out in the space for 43 days, landed on Earth yawing often, unable to find a right place to land. Earth was still burning like a furnace and was spewing up dark fumes. Almost all the habitats and wonders of the world have been destroyed. But the seven crore elite that survived the catastrophe kept pace with technology and setup seven new rehabilitation enclosures (Anemone, Meron, Xeryl, Neoma, Cosmus, Jojoma and Saurus land)with highly tuned security systems and quarantine regulations. Each enclosure had a unique structure in look and feel and in security strategies.


Anemone resembled a sea anemone (inspired by the vibrant colours and graceful movements of a sea anemone, swaying according to the soft eddies of water around it), cylindrical in its structure, attached to the land by a massive basal disc that looked like a jelly bead which stores water in the form of gel (a viscous form of water). This bead is the source of synthesized water to the Anemones (Dwellers of Anemone). Natural soil covered the jelly bead to a height of 1 km above, enabling cultivation of crops. The cylindrical wall was filled with an electricity conducting jelly protected with a transparent rubber like material on either sides with a plump base and rim. Tentacles emerged from the point where the inner and outer rims of the cylinder met. The tentacles had a stem, which connects them to the rim and a bead at the other end. The ends of all the tentacles, the beady ends were bulbous and contained a control room, which functions as defence and a means to capture predators (Intruders and trespassers). The power houses at the stem of the tentacles injected high volts of electricity into the walls which when touched from inside, do not affect anyone. But, when touched from outside electro wave the intruder and make him pass out. He can then be arrested by the police. A thick, gooey, transparent dome rose from the inner rim of the cylinder and met at the centre covering the whole province. The centre was viscous, separated from rest of the dome by a circular ridge, which triggered some impulses into the dome continuously that filtered UV rays from the sunrays reaching the province. Nothing can harm the wall and the dome. And even if they get damaged by some means, they have the capacity to heal up through some weird replication process.

And the houses were like cocoons embedded in each compartment of a dispersed bee hive like structure, filling the upper three fourths of the cylinder. All the cocoons in the hive collectively looked like a clump of spawn, which made Anemone look like a gum ball machine. The hive is a continuation of the inner gooey part of the city wall, kept all the cocoons intact, but away from each other and acted as the shield, though each cocoon had its own defence mechanisms. The walls of the cocoons were also gooey and amoeboid. They had no fixed access doors, but they just gave way in or out to the authorized persons of the house, and closed behind. And rest of the space around the cocoons was for commute through aircrafts that looked like bubbles. It looked cool when those bubbles flew out of the cocoons, like a bubble shower. That was the only way of transportation within Anemone, unless when people are on the ground, where bikes and other eco friendly vehicles were in vogue. And the positions of the cocoons were in such a way that no cocoon masks other cocoon from sunlight. And people could still enjoy the sight of the twinkling stars. All schools, offices and other buildings were on the ground, to which people fly by the bubbles and travel to and from one another through other terrestrial vehicles. That makes the upper three fourths of Anemone residential and the lower one fourth business.

Similarly the other provinces too had a different and unique structure from each other, suiting the tastes of the inhabitants. Security strategies were confidential to and from each province, each of which was attributed to a closely related crore. Each province had six outlets at the base that connect them to other provinces through highly secure network of tough fixed electro-magnetic tunnels through which jumbo magnetic trains are destined to travel. The technology used in their construction was also very interesting. The trains were cylindrical with blunt ends and cockpits on both the ends, and hence can travel in either direction. The tunnels had much more diameter than the trains and did not have any rail tracks for the trains to travel upon. But the tunnel itself was lined up with magnets, which release repulsive forces from all sides towards the train that keep the train suspended at the centre of the tunnel. This technology also keeps the train from colliding with the tunnel at any cost. And two magnetic lines along the suture of the tunnel beneath and above the train produce a varying magnetic field along the length of the tunnel at every point, which produces a potential difference along the track that moves the train forward, or backward. And at a point where the potential difference doesn’t exist, the train comes to a halt and when the potential difference reverses, the train moves in opposite direction. So, there’s no way for an accident to take place or for stopping a train at any other place than at its destined halt. The journey and its controls were autonomous and automatic, where each tunnel pertains to a single train and single route, and the journey speed is 10 miles per second. Oops!

On the whole, the map of all provinces looks like a Heptagon networked with lines connecting all points in all possible ways. Anemone was the biggest one with 3 states and 43 cities.

Rest of the land outside the dominions was barren, unwelcoming and lethal, with geysers and craters spewing up hot water and fumes respectively here and there. Intruders and candidates (strays) not authorised by any rehabilitation were not allowed to enter any province. Space-age world began. But some people, not aboard Haven (non Havenians) also survived the nemesis and made it to the space age. If such strays wanted to seek shelter in a province, a pact was made within the governments that all the governments of the seven provinces must extend their approval by giving a NOC (No Objection Certificate). Though rumour had it that there were such strays, nobody ever reported of encountering one, and neither did claim of being one, or sought shelter in any province. So still some mysteries prevailed and made it to the space age, marking an era of secrets and adventures. How can those mysteries die unless they are unleashed? And how can they be unleashed unless a hero is born again?

In order to regain the density of shattered Earth, so as to keep it spinning smoothly in the orbit around the sun, all the governments resolved to fetch sand from other planets. A second conspiracy! Why, the agents or Minto or Tony were not there to stop them! Seven outstanding astronauts were recruited for the purpose, one from each province and were called the ‘Blue-nauts’ (Blue astronauts), who were also known as ‘Heroes’ by the civilians. James Waltor from Anemone was one among them. The mission was known as ‘Mission Blue’ set up to save Earth, but they didn’t know they were only paving way for another disaster. Seventy intellectuals called ‘The Blue team’ were also recruited to take care of the nauts and the mission. The special spacecrafts, rockets and shuttles designed for the purpose were called as ‘Blue crafts’. The government and the world were so bullish and thought they were acting wise. Blue crafts took off in pursuit of a planet whose sand can be compatible with that of the Earth’s sand.

Some baddies from a far away planet watched the Earth lings, which were then out of Haven and hence were vulnerable… Baddies just won’t give up, will they?!




(To be continued….)


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