Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-2 : Part-A


Rebel Rambo.. Buckle up. It's a dangerous ride down there!

Rebel Rambo.. Buckle up. It’s a dangerous ride down there!

Rebel Rambo, the hot spot was an illusion and a hermetic world to outsiders, but a door to hell of adventures to the Dinos and the Dragons. The exact location of Rebel Rambo was unknown to anyone except to these rangers. And access routes to the premises of Rambo through the woods, on one hand, and the access routes to the core zone within Rebel Rambo on the other hand were unfathomable. The power source, an amalgam of all the powers originating from any and every source in the universes, summons the rangers whenever Rambo was ready to lodge them for a fight. It was pure and authentic, and only truth can trigger the Power source. The doors were open only for some time after the call from the power source. After the time up, booby traps get activated, which the lagging ranger(s) have to make through before the countdown. It’s no easy job. And once they reach the core zone somehow, they should then fight all the opponents all alone and survive. This is actually the phase before the actual competition between the two teams begins.

Power Source, the pure.. the authentic!

Power Source, the pure.. the authentic!

Rebel Rambo comprised of two houses, “Dragon volcano”, house of the Dragons, and “Dino grotto”, house of the Dinos. The Dragons drew inspiration from the Dragons of China, which stood as icons of protection of the good, and slaughter of the bad. Besides, they flew high above everyone with high spirits. Their strategies were different from that of the Dinos. They fought for good, where as the Dinos fought to win over the good. The Dinos were a pack of sly, shady and mysterious guys, skilled enough to be the Dragons’ worthy opponents. They never made friends at school or outside school. They stuck to each other and never let a word skip stray out of their mouth. They kept their profiles low and their vision and vigilance high. And always conspired to take over the Dragons, especially Cleo, who was impossible and an opponent without equal. The Dinos were non sportive and sought advantage of even a narrow folly of the Dragons, even after the fight was over. Cleo felt that the Dinos were vying with them for a cause beyond what actually appeared to them outwardly. So she kept an eye on them without attracting a slightest suspicion even from her own teammates, the Dragons.

Rebel Rambo was a microcosm and an amalgam of two galaxies ‘The Milky way’, the home galaxy, and ‘The Zoara’, the farthest galaxy, pertaining to the Dragons and the Dinos respectively. The Rangers created it by clubbing all their innate powers with the alien powers originating from the two galaxies. Thus Rebel Rambo contained all elements of power originating from both the Rangers and the galaxies. It also taught the Rangers the martial arts, magic, crafts and artifices in vogue on the planets of both the galaxies. It was possible by channelling the set of cosmic rays that reach the Earth from those galaxies, into the power source, followed by discretion and deciphering of the signals that suit individual brios of the rangers.

Rebel Rambo was set up for a cause. If the Dragons win two out of the three rounds (the first round hosted by a foreign planet, the second by ‘Rebel Rambo’, the link between the Earth and other planets, and the third by Earth herself), Earth is safe and if the Dinos win two, Earth is at stake! And on every round they win, the winning team can claim a weapon or power from anyone on the losing team or recover their weapon or power already lost in a round before. The operation was highly confidential because it’s all about a second nemesis to Earth, a jeopardy.

It all began one day, ten days before the first round, when Cleo devised a bizarre transponder that attracted signals from various planets, signals that were going astray from their destination. On deciphering them, she came to know that they were actually carrying info about various lethal martial arts, and resources needed to acquire powers of those arts. She taught the Dragons those arts to defend the Earth from a possible jeopardy. But for Cleo her powers were inborn and within her. So she did not learn any extra terrestrial art. But, their plans fell in risk when Rhonda found out their secret. She threatened the Dragons to reveal the truth to the planetans whose signals were being misused by them without authorisation, which would welcome an inter-planetary war. But Cleo didn’t waver, because she was only using in a right way, the signals that were going astray. She wasn’t stealing. But, Rhonda knew that even if the truth is revealed, there would be no harm to the Dragons, because she knew that the aliens out there always yearned for diplomacy, but not for a fight. So she wanted to take advantage over the situation in a different kind of way. She put a proposal before them, ‘Fight us and win over. We shall secure your secrets. If you win two out of three, Earth will be safe or if you lose two out of three, Earth will be at stake!’. Cleo, who also knew that there is no possible harm from the aliens even if they were told the truth, accepted the proposal to find out the real cause behind why the Dinos were wanting to vie with them. She also knew that even if there is a possible harm from aliens, and her team should surrender to the Dinos even before the fight, to avert the harm, Dinos would still jeopardize the Earth, because they will have no reason not to do so. But if her team fights and wins over the Dinos, there will absolutely be no chance left for the Dinos to do so. Hence, she accepted. She wanted to kill any reasons that would let the Dinos harm the Earth. The Dragons stood by her! Rhonda fetched four of her kind from somewhere and built her team up.

That’s how Rebel Rambo, the gateway to adventure lands took its shape. They only set up the Rebel Rambo, but the booby traps within and outside Rebel Rambo were installed as directed by the power source at its core zone, without the knowledge of even the team members. The set of booby traps change with each round, and every time a new set of booby traps are installed in it, Rebel Rambo customizes its structure and dimensions to suit their configuration. Rhonda and her companions claimed rights over the transponder to equal their profiles with the Dragons, so as to be their worthy opponents. Their wish was granted. Since then, the Dinos, when it’s their turn, used to communicate with some anonymous aliens and derive powers from them, which remained as a mystery to the Dragons. But, the Dragons did not crave to find out their secret, because it was not their concern. They can take over the Dinos even if they have to turn twice as dangerous and powerful with the aid of those anonymous creatures.

But Cleo couldn’t take it that way, because the Dinos used to stalk them and were so keen in finding out every narrow detail about them. When the fight was up, it was a ‘White message’ to the Dinos, but a ‘Black message’ for the Dragons. They were just getting ready for the combat. But, all through the operations, Cleo felt that it wasn’t the actual cause, the Dinos were fighting for, because once people come to know that the Dinos were fighting to make Earth vulnerable and jeopardise it, they won’t spare the Dinos. Yet, the Dinos made a choice in spite of the knowledge about the possible protest they could draw from the humans once their real shade was out, which seemed very spooky to Cleo. ‘They have some nerve, but how?’ she used to wonder.

Each member developed a skill that suits the brio of his or her own. They are the kick ass fighters, rival less and unpredictable. Since, their individual energies were almost same, but only differing in the out flow according to their style, it would almost become impossible for one to take over the other in a stipulated time. That is the time when they have to fashion a special skill of their own to outdo the opponent. Their special individual brios are thus different in energies, unique and unpredictable. Those brios distinguish and demarcate one from the other. They were prohibited from working to other organisations, and were strictly prohibited from using their powers outside Rebel Rambo and the venues of adventure. Misuse of power leads to dismissal or exile of the candidate, after recovering his or her gadgets and powers. That says, the powers are conditional, mobile and conserved, except for Cleo, whose powers are inborn, unconditional, inextricable and must die with her. That makes Cleo the icon and idol of our story and a quick rival to the bad guys.


(To be continued…….)

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  1. #1 by jackconner on December 17, 2013 - 12:45 am

    Love that picture! Who’s the artist?

    • #2 by Sudhira Spurthi KJ on December 17, 2013 - 1:22 am

      I dunno buddy 🙂 Its an adopted pic from the net. Actual pics will be printed in the book releasing soon..

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