Cleo Patra : Part-II : Epiosde-3 : Part-A

Chapter 12: THE STAR WRECK.

The two teams stood on either side of the power source, which was right beneath a mystic chasm in the core zone of Rebel Rambo, facing each other when a battle of looks took place between them.

‘I’ll get you’, Deneb stared at the Dinos.

‘Oh yeah?’ they read his mind and retorted.

‘You’ll find out!’, Deneb shot back.

Then, Jack Copernicus spoke, “A recent statistic showed that doors to planet ‘Gyron’ of the galaxy ‘Andromeda’ are now open. So the task set before us is to get ‘Anoura’, a precious stone whose radiant energy is incredibly high that can drive space crafts through a distance of 1 billion light years. We have one-day duration according to standard time of Gyron. The doors will be closed after that. So make haste buddies. Don’t be struck there forever. Am I clear?”

Everyone cried, “Yes!”

The chimerical dome above Rebel Rambo opened into a chasm and the Dinos and the Dragons zoomed away. Now they are in the space all by themselves and at their own risk. They have no idea what’s about to come and who’s gonna die in the combat. They just ventured in, it being inevitable!

Dinos took a different course and vanished into the darkness. Deneb halted, closed his eyes, and pricked his ears when he sensed something was coming towards them.

“Watch out, an asteroid!” Ron cried, when Deneb quickly triggered a lightning and relayed it to Garnet, who tried to freeze the asteroid. But, it was too late. So, Deneb gathered his momentum and Cleo too implied her power against it and they knocked the asteroid out, which hurled back violently. But on its way, a radiation zapped it, and changed its course, so that the asteroid went and hit planet Gyron. The Dragons frowned, ‘Who the hell did that?’ The devious guards in slumber on Gyron, mighty as they are, woke up and gathered their weapons to shove away the intruder. Cleo’s instinct sensed that a war would very soon take place.

So she cried, “Ron, Alcor after the stone!” Ron and Alcor immediately left in pursuit of the stone.

Then, Cleo, Deneb, and Garnet took their positions as they saw a fleet of aliens teeming towards them from afar. The aliens were horned and carried a huge scythe, which shot lethal rays at them. Cleo reflected back the rays, which busted some of the aliens into ashes, vaulted over some rays and ducked down or swirled along some other rays, when Garnet grasped a natural lightning and ganglionated many of the aliens. Then, Deneb sprang into action and kicked down the aliens in the ganglion. The aliens fell out into the space and never returned. He entwined the lightnings holding the aliens at the ends with one another and let them free later, which threw the aliens away from each other and out into the space on de-twining. The fight went on.

Meanwhile, at planet Gyron:

Ron and Alcor were hiding behind an asteroid, half sunk into the ground in a crater, checking their status with their probe watch.

Ron said looking at the 3-D map, “We are half a mile away from the target. And our target is guarded by some unknown entities the identifier can’t recognize”.

Alcor nodded and asked, “Is there any movement?”.

“Negative for movement!”, Ron said.

Then Alcor, gathering a heroic spirit said, “Stay here and cover me while I’m gone”, and entered a territory, probable of holding Anoura.

the wreck

the wreck

It was an abandoned massive building, few yards away from the asteroid which seemed like a wrecked space age space ship with a portico and a gooey entrance. The entrance was gloomy and fear jerking. Alcor put his foot in the entrance and ‘Swoop’ it sucked him in.

“Alcor!” Ron wanted to shout, but held back lest she should alarm any alien and draw trouble. Hence, she resolved to follow him in quietly, estimating the complexity of the situation.

Alcor stood at awe as he entered a province, quite bewildering and that seemed like an atrium, roofed with a mystical dome that was gaseous, and portrayed many planets, just like a planetarium. He thought that the province was leading him in, when he actually, but lately realised that he was going out. Suddenly some force whacked him from behind and he collapsed face down onto the ground. After the ambusher left, Alcor’s replica spying from behind a gooey picket came out of its hideaway and merged into him. And on waking up,

“Ouch!” Alcor cried as he began feeling the pain, “that hurts, man!”

“Are you alright?” Ron cried rushing towards him and took hold of him.

“Ron?! Why, weren’t you supposed to be covering me?” he inquired, embarrassed that his heroic stance got wrecked right in front of her eyes.

“I thought, I’d better help”, Ron said trying to conceal her laughter beneath her lips, “because this place is so bamboozling and spooky. It needs some transmogrifying to set things right. But, tell me what brought you down?”

“Orion! I saw him from behind the picket”, he said rubbing his nape, “You know about him, don’t you?”

“But that’s unfair. He can’t play foul”, Ron cried, now extending her sympathy to Alcor.

“Oh, the pity! We have no rules”, Alcor said like he can handle the situation and there’s no need of her pity, “Get the stone, and do whatever it takes to get it. Anything is fair in amor (love) and war, Ron. We’re on a fight, not a sport. And the fight will not be up until we reach Rebel Rambo. All right, let’s hurry up now. We don’t have much time or a back up either”.

… To be continued.


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