Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-4 : Part-A

He felt someone else conquering him and replacing him, yet from so far. He cursed the moments that took her away from him and the moments she was away from him. He has just taken her for granted and was feeling hopeful. But, something unexpected happened, something that he’d never want to happen.


Chapter 13: DON BOSCO.

At St. Thomas’:

The Dragons were seated at a porch. “They set us up. It was Rhonda, who changed the course of the asteroid to alarm the planetans of Gyron and provoked them into attacking us”, Cleo said, “she’s got some nerve and I’m gonna crack it”.

“She abetted the beast into attacking us”, Alcor said, “My replica sensed that. They were on the beast’s side. But how come? Must they have known the beast already or visited the planet before. They’re back stabbers, shrewd and sly”.

“Nobody till date knew where the Dinos came from or at least where they lived. They’re a set of mysterious bugs”, Garnet opined.

“Seems like, they are not fighting us, but trying to kill us for some reason”, Deneb said.

“I know the reason”, Cleo retorted as she sighed.

“What’s that? Come on speak up, Cleo. You give me goose bumps”, Alcor cried.

“It’s me! Yes, she turned grudge full due to me”, Cleo said.

“If that’s the case, we shall do whatever to protect that reason”, Deneb said and turned his face away to hide the love in his eyes he had for her, lest the Dragons should find out.

“Well, we’re still in the budding stage and have no idea what we can do if we can fine-tune our powers by practice and precision”, Cleo said when Garnet jumped in with a question, “How can we turn more powerful?”

“By bringing it out. It’s nowhere but within you. You are the power you need to discover. We fared well anyway in the first round. But, I can see a more lethal round coming ahead. The previous performance is not enough. We gotta outdo ourselves!”

“But the Dinos will play foul and will set us up again. We need to be prepared for the worst”, Deneb said. Everyone fell into a deep thought.

“Awriiit, forum’s up. Let’s hit the class now”, Garnet cheered her teammates up.

During the class, “Excuse us”, a mild, but a stentorian voice came and everyone looked at the door. A guy, so handsome and posh was standing there waiting for consent from the teacher to enter the class. He was cool and wore a plain shirt and a denim pant.

Every girl’s mouth went agape at his finesse and flair but acted like nothing serious has happened. But, ‘He’s mine!’, everyone decided from their heart.

Mr. Douglas, professor in Zoology, who was writing the blackboard turned his head and said, “Yes”, looking above his glasses.

“I’m Don Bosco, pleased to meet you sir. I’m a transferee from ‘Xeryl’ (where Europe once existed). Can you please excuse us!” the guy said.

“Of course, you’re most welcome Mr. Bosco. Please come in”, Mr. Douglas said.

Don entered the class that took the breath out of the girls, except Cleo. She was imbibed in her thoughts staring blankly into the air.

Rhonda was so excited on seeing him, that she wanted to make friends with him as soon as possible and before the Dragons could appeal to him. But poor Rhonda didn’t know they won’t care about him.

Don was British and stately, gave much attention to himself and had a high self-esteem about himself. He was self-reliant and took no sides. He just glanced at girls and seldom smiled, but his looks and smiles just bored deep into their tickers. Many girls were awe struck and many ended up moon struck. Soon a maxim came into vogue, ‘Don is for girls, what Cleo is for boys!’ No wonder, Don attracted many a girl with his calm and cool ambience. He spoke less but was precise and particular about whatever he said or did. He just felt that no girl was still born worthy enough to win his hand. He never tried to endear himself to anyone that stirred the want in others to have him even more. He chose things on several and random checks and preserved them for many years spotless and without a pinprick damage. He walked alone and never intended to touch anyone even if he had their consent or knew their want.

Many just believed that he was a perfect match for Cleo and waited for a love chronicle to begin, but that never happened. Cleo and Don were never that into each other what the world felt about them. ‘They were two opposite directions that never meet’. But ‘Far east makes west!’ others used to think.

… To be continued!

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