Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-4 : Part-B

(For the entire episodes till date, have a look at the category ‘eBook’ and please read from Episode: 1 at the bottom if you want to understand & capture the entire gist of the story… Thank you! :) )

…Many just believed that he was a perfect match for Cleo and waited for a love chronicle to begin, but that never happened. Cleo and Don were never that into each other what the world felt about them. ‘They were two opposite directions that never meet’. But ‘Far east makes west!’ others used to think…

“I’m Rhonda, Rhonda Rhydes”, Rhonda finally ventured to shake his hand one day, but Don did not requite it.

“Excuse us”, he said frowning.

“I’ve waited all my life to find a worthy person who can save this Earth. I guess I found him”, Rhonda said with a hypocritical emotion.

“Who is it?” Don asked, acting like he had no idea about who she was referring to, when Dragons who were spying from atop a tree, disguised by Ron, chuckled.

“It’s you, Don… er Don Bosco”, she said sheepishly, trying to cover her embarrassment.

“You got the wrong person. I’m not who you think I am. Now can I?” he said giving a sign to her with his hand to give way so that he can take leave.

“But why not?” Rhonda cried.

“Why do you care? I’m not. That should explain that!” he said and was about to turn away from her when she said, “I’ll make you one!”

“What do you mean, all that super-hero stuff?! You gotta be kidding. Better stay off me. I’m done now”, he said and left without waiting for her response. Rhonda left in a sulk.

Dragons got down the tree and Alcor cried, “What is she up to, man? She knows that she can’t reveal the secret of Rebel Rambo or invite a new person into the team unless it lacks one, doesn’t she?”

“I guess someone’s quitting the team soon. I know Rhonda will not break the rules and neither will give up”, Cleo said.

“But we can’t let that happen”, Deneb, who was disturbed with all the stuff the world thought about Cleo and Don, retorted in frustration.

“We can’t do that either, unless Rhonda breaks the rules”, Cleo said, “Let’s hope she wouldn’t!”

On the other hand, Deneb thought that it would not be so dire, if Don joined the opposite team, because it would make him their rival and Cleo would never love him. Either way, it’s gonna be alright, he thought.

“You have no idea. Don is unyielding. He is so stubborn! He will not take sides, even for the whole world”, Garnet said, trying to conclude about him.

“He’d better not!” Deneb said, trying to conceal his envy in his eyes he had for Don.

“Or maybe she didn’t have inviting him into Rebel Rambo on her mind. She had something else!” Cleo said when all the Dragons frowned.

The next day:

The class was charge less and everyone were enjoying the free period.

Don unintentionally looked at Cleo, who was imbibed in reading a book sitting on a bench across him. Cleo too looked at him accidentally when she was about to turn back to talk to Garnet.

This caught Deneb’s attention, who used to watch every movement of Cleo and anyone who watched her. He immediately rose from his bench and walked towards Don, pushing his shirt sleeves up and clenching his fist in anger.

Alcor who observed this rushed to him and cried, “Wait wait wait…” holding him by his waist, “What’s up dude? Why are you in a fury?”

Don who noticed Deneb’s furious approaching and his cold stares at him, rose from his chair and walked forward; “What is it buddy? What makes you clench your fist against me?”, he asked looking at his fists and then into his eyes.

Cleo and her teammates rushed to them and soon everyone gathered around. Deneb retreated from snapping back at Don as he saw Cleo’s eyes asking him to give up. He left in a fury.

Don just went back to his bench without responding about anything like nothing has happened. Rhonda grinned mischievously within her, ‘Show’s up!’ But, when she tried to read Cleo’s mind, she couldn’t.

That night at Dr. Rafael Pedro, a Blue-naut’s house in Xeryl (the once Europe):

Dr. Pedro was out on mission Blue. Some eerie shadow crept in through the bedroom window, gobbled up Mrs. Pedro and retreated as silently as it came. Then, it rushed through the gloomy and cold streets to a place, whose locations were not known and delivered her. Then a team of black coat boys came into the scene and took her away.

The next day, “Are the agents back?” questioned Times of Anemone. “Blood thirst never ends unless the agents end!” stated another news head.

Fear surged through people on learning the news. Women were so horrified they barely stepped out of their houses unless they had someone to accompany them. Task force of Xeryl and other provinces gave into action.

“Whoever the culprit is, his day of reckoning is near!” warned Mr. Donovan Pedro, Chief of Police and son of Dr. Rafael Pedro. He said, “I’ll investigate the case all on my own and see that the bad guy is hanged for his mischief”.


…To be continued!

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