Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-5 : Part-A

“Whoever the culprit is, his day of reckoning is near!” warned Mr. Donovan Pedro, Chief of Police and son of Dr. Rafael Pedro. He said, “I’ll investigate the case all on my own and see that the bad guy is hanged for his mischief”…


Chapter 14: THE AGENTS.

“Do you think the agents are really back?” Ron asked Cleo.

“It seems that some people survived the nemesis, yet not aboard Haven. Agents may be some among them, I’m not sure”, Cleo replied.

“Quien estos (who are) agents anyway?” Alcor, the most ignorant and childish of all inquired.

“They were private detectives, alleged for their notoriety and brutal murders. Formerly people had a soft corner for them, when they had been abducting baddies and assassinating them, though it was against the law. But soon the scenario flipped across. They started murdering innocent women and kids”, Deneb said, “We were not even born when all these happened”.

“If I were born before the nemesis, I’d have stopped it”, Cleo said, “but since the scenario seems to be recurring, I think I got a chance for it now”. The Dragons nodded in agreement.

“I hope the task force gets them before I can, because even if I get them, I can’t kill them”, she said, “and that would leave the victims disappointed”.

“And if I get them before the task force, they have no need to kill them”, Deneb said adding gravity to her enthusiasm. Cleo smiled.

That night:

Cleo was returning home all alone, thinking about the day that she could meet her parents. ‘Why if God loved everyone completely, should he make their happiness incomplete?’, she thought as a tear rolled down her cheek.

Suddenly a black car appeared from nowhere, stopped by her and before she can understand what was going on, the door opened, and someone tried to chivvy her in grabbing her hand. But Cleo, with one of her hands in the punk’s hold and the other one held against the car, put her feet against the punk and kicked herself back that threw the man chivvying her onto the ground through the door. Then the punk in the driving seat and the one on the ground detoured around the car and rushed to her lest she should escape. Cleo stifled the idea of enforcing her powers on them, because she can’t use them outside Rebel Rambo. She can only use her gadgets, but didn’t have one on her. So she fought the two punks bare handed. The punks were masked, hefty and skilled fighters, but Cleo didn’t give in.

“Give it a break Cleo”, one of the two punks, said.

“You are the agents, ain’t you?” Cleo growled and punched him on his nose.

“You are too intelligent for an agent”, he retorted and cried at the other punk, “What’s the travel strategy?”

“It’s 12 minutes, 16 seconds on land and 34 seconds down the track”.

Then he injected something into Cleo and she fell drowsy, “You may be powerful and bullish, but that doesn’t mean you’ll win”, she said, “and not after I’ve laid my eyes on you!” she said almost swooning out.

“Seems like you’ll never wimp out on something you’ve taken charge of, but you’ll definitely wimp out after a while”, he said in a clear tone.

“You’ll be disappointed”, she snapped back with knocking teeth as her vision got blurred and then swooned out.

The punks rode away and reached a place where the Earth beneath them opened into a big chasm diagonally, the upper lip of which seemed like reaching the sky and engulfing the car. The chasm looked like barren land above, but was plastered with metal and finely finished from the rim inwards. After entering it, Cleo opened her eyes, the car picked up speed and sped away so fast that Cleo couldn’t see anything around the car, but felt like flying in the air. Soon the car reached a place, which was underground and somewhere out of the province. It had two doors, one opening into the province, Anemone and the other into the stray lands. It seemed like a dungeon to Cleo, as her perspective that she’s gonna die reflected the scenario in that way. But, it was a colossal underground ‘Agency Dextro’, highly sophisticated, fine tuned, space age firm. The car came to a halt in the centre of a circular atrium and immediately an escort of five rose from underground through a conveyor that injected them out of their gulfs spread at equal distance from each other along the wall circular wall. They marched towards Cleo and the agents from five directions, formed a pentagon around them and marched them ahead through an immense door that swirled open and led them into another big hall, which was spotless and luminous.

Cleo’s mouth went agape. She was so absorbed that she completely forgot her idea that she was brought there to be killed. Another door opened ahead and quite opposite to the first door and a man in black overcoat and a black top hat came into light. As soon as he came, the escort and the punks, whom Cleo felt like, left on tacit knowledge.

“So you are the God father behind these murders, ain’t you?” Cleo asked.

“Don’t you remember me, Cleo?” the person asked in a mild and velvet like tone. The voice evoked many memories in her. ‘This voice is familiar. But whose voice is this?’ she thought and thought, but couldn’t get it.

“How did you manage since I left you?” he asked, at which Cleo’s eyes shone in joy.

“Doppy”, she cried, “You are Doppy, aren’t you?”

Yes, he was the one that brought up Cleo at her childhood and left her at an age of four. He’s Captain Doppler, the descendant of Kraler.

“Why did you abandon me at an age when I can’t even understand what loneliness is?” she asked in a pathetic tone.

“For the same reason, Cleo, that you should not feel lonely. If you reached an age when you start to understand what loneliness is, it would be hard for me to leave you”, Doppler said.

“But, why should you leave me?” she asked.

“Because, it was destined. You’ll understand that when time comes”, he concluded.

“What about the abductions? Are you behind them?” she inquired aghast.

…To be continued!


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