Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-5 : Part-B

…“But, why should you leave me?” she asked.

“Because, it was destined. You’ll understand that when time comes”, he concluded.

“What about the abductions? Are you behind them?” she inquired aghast…

“No, no, no… Not even in my dreams. It’s a plot, a conspiracy the baddies have played to shatter our reputation. But what that still puts me at awe is, nobody know about us and still we are being set up”, he said, “Some master mind is behind it. We thought he would have given up after the nemesis, because we were not aboard Haven that would have left him with a false notion that we were dead, but he did not! He did not give up since he began this massacre twenty years ago. He’s haunting Dextro and making it feel feeble and worthless. Since, we needed someone who can chase this mystery, you are here”.

Cleo understood the gravity and graveness of the situation. “But how can I help you?” she asked.

“You’ll find out for yourself after seven days, the day when we’ll come out of our professional exile and begin our mission”, Doppler said, “Now you can go back home Cleo, but don’t breath a word to anyone, even the Dragons!”

She was thrilled again, as she was told about things she thought not anyone had ever known.

“I have a question”, Cleo said.

“Go ahead. Ask it”, Doppler said.

“How did you make it through the nemesis? Were you on Haven, I mean were you stow aways?”, she asked with lot of enthusiasm.

Doppler smiled, “You see this agency? It was built during Captain Kraler’s reign. The most secure place on Earth, the real Haven that protected us through all adversities”.

Cleo smiled and as Doppler retreated, she was escorted back to the car and was taken away to her home.

On the way, the guy, whom Cleo thought was a punk, said, “I told you, you’d wimp out!”

Cleo smiled, “If you were the bad guy, I would have really disappointed you!”

“Agent Brown”, the guy smiled. But all the while, she thought, ‘How can I work for Dextro when I’m in Rebel Rambo? It would be against the rules and still how can I give up on someone who have laid their trust in me?’

Agent Brown said, “There’s malice in working for another firm for money and self benefits, but there is not when you work on grounds of public security”. Cleo nodded.

She walked home getting down the car with thoughts that pulled her away from her…

Cleo Patra

Cleo Patra

That night another woman, wife of another Blue-naut from Meron was abducted in the same way as Dr. Pedro’s wife was. The government feared that, since the agents are back and abducting wives of Blue-nauts, a mutiny from the agents has arisen against ‘Mission Blue’. So it recalled Anti-Dextro league. Doppler fell into a deep thought and so did Cleo.

Next day, at St. Thomas:

The Dragons, disguised as pillars in the portico eavesdropped the Dinos, who seemed like conspiring against something.

“Agents are on the move. A slightest folly would send us all to the gallows. Rigel, you are the one that need more care and vigilance”, Rhonda said, “We still have not got the one with the RAM. He is still on the loose and we can’t let that be so anymore. We have little time left. Well, we can’t hang around for long. Let’s get going now, the Dragons may turn up any time”.

Then the Dinos scattered away.

“What’s that ‘man with the RAM’ and why is she worried about the agents? What’s she talking about?” Alcor cried, “She’s getting on my nerves man”.

“Yeah, why are they afraid of those bad guys when they themselves are bad? Does that mean the agents are good?” Ron wondered, “And what are they doing that would send them to the gallows?”

They started wondering about things going on when Cleo turned away from the group and started wondering about something else as she knew things beyond what the other Dragons knew, ‘How do they know about the movements of the agents? How do they know the agents first of all and that they are alive? What are these swines up to? Are they with the person behind the abductions? Must figure it out!’

That evening she wanted to follow Rhonda home to find where she lived and what she did outside of school, and thus waited at the corner of a street beside the school along with other Dragons, who did not know anything about Cleo’s encounter with the Agents. They were there to find out about Dinos, but had no idea about what else was in Cleo’s mind. Her strategies were different. She was there to get the idea of the big picture, where the others knew only a bit of the jigsaw, who are the Dinos?

They saw the Dinos, except Rigel Woolf boarding a black car and soon another black car pulled across and stopped by Rigel. He boarded it and the two cars drove away in opposite directions. Cleo signalled Ron and she pursued the car, the one that four of the Dinos boarded, in disguise as its shadow. Alcor’s invisible replica just broke into Rigel’s car and sat beside Alcor. Ron returned very soon.

The Dragons gathered around her curiously, “What is it?”

“I don’t know, the car just disappeared into the sky around the corner of the street. I tried to hang on, but some mysterious force, diffused in the air, pushed me away. Then I tried to transmogrify the place, but I could not”, Ron said.

“What the hell was that?!” Garnet cried, when Cleo fell into a deep thought.

Meanwhile, Alcor returned. “The car kicked my ass out of it when the car passed through the gate man!” he cried.

“That’s what I call a kick ass car”, Deneb retorted putting his hand around Alcor’ shoulder.

“You dunno man, they are notorious. Something’s going on in the back room”, Alcor cried.

“Let’s figure it out then”, Cleo said, “they ain’t the inhabitants of our province and… any other province!” The Dragons looked at each other knowing another adventure was up.



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