Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-6 : Part-A

…“Let’s figure it out then”, Cleo said, “they ain’t the inhabitants of our province and… any other province!” The Dragons looked at each other knowing another adventure was up…


Chapter 15: THE LEGACY

“Why don’t we consult the customs officer that checked immigration of people aboard Haven into the provinces, and check the list out?” Garnet asked.

“No, we can’t give this thing an airing unless we find out the conspirer behind this and gather lucid proofs. We don’t know what’s out there beyond that black hole, those Dinos popped into. You go by the laws.. you get nothing, because I sense definitely a human and someone behind the desks is doing this”.

“What makes you so sure?” Ron inquired.

“No intruder can breach in unless the security fails or unless someone else abets them in. Well, I know in and out about our security systems officers. They never fail, because they never defy the government, which in turn strictly despises strays and aliens. That implies, the security strictly despises strays and aliens. So on default, the second case must be true”, she said, but stifled from mentioning about the innocence of the agents.

“Got a plan?” Deneb asked.

“Summon the Dinos for the second round”, Cleo said, but nobody asked why, though they hadn’t actually got a call from the Power source, because they knew Cleo gave a deep and rational thought before whatever she said or did.

Round : Two.

Venue: Crystal Castle (Modified Rebel Rambo).

Time: 18 hours today.


ET NInjas

Extra terrestrial ninjas, too powerful to handle, pounced on the Dragons as they reached the environs of Rebel Rambo. Cleo was shocked to see them. ‘Where did they come from without my knowledge?!’ she wondered. A black mist rose from the ground and blurred the vision of the Dragons as they were about to fight back the ninjas. Ron immediately cleared the mist away with her powers, and as the mist cleared away, the Dragons found the swords of the ninjas already at their throats. They quickly dodged away from them, but Garnet received a blow and fell to the ground. Deneb got enraged at this incident and knocked that ninja down with his hyperactive knockouts. The ninja disappeared, but reappeared in a more powerful form, a pitch black, blood thirsty beast depicting a yeti, with its canines dripping with warm blood and mighty arms reaching the ground. The Dragons were awestruck. The beast pounded the ground with its fist and the Earth beneath them sank into a crater, and all the Dragons slid to its bottom. The ninjas followed them and struck them violently. The powers of the Dragons seemed too weak to work against them and all the ninjas who got hacked down turned into beasts and struck back. Dragons used all their powers to fight them.

Meanwhile, the Dinos who encountered a rattle of flaring demons took their positions. Sandra on her knees shot her Dino-arrows gyrating in all possible directions, rotating her waist and neck in all possible dimensions. Rigel triggered a whirlwind around her to protect her from any attack. Orion hurled the demons against each other, while Jack wrecked them and shot them into the sky and relayed them to Rhonda, who was above the clouds. She blasted the demons with her super-whiz salvo.

On the Dragon side, Alcor at full thrust replicated himself and even the beasts. Then he merged his replicas into the beasts, forming hybrid beasts, which then started acting according to Alcor’s will, since they had his spirits. They began counter attacking the other beasts. Alcor also replicated Garnet and her ganglions that took captive of more beasts and served them to the hybrid beasts. Cleo and Deneb fought other ninjas, taking care not to hack them. If the ninjas die in hands of other ninjas or beasts, they don’t strike back, but they will if they die in the hands of the Dragons. So Cleo and Deneb managed to keep them alive and feed them to the beasts. The fight ended.

The Dragons and the Dinos made it to the core zone in time. As they got their orders ‘Find the letter of the legacy’; and returned to the battle venue, they saw Rebel Rambo transformed into a crystal castle with walls like mirrors reflecting back their own images. The hall led into many staircases, crypts, dungeons, caves and eyries. And the castle spread to miles within, but appeared the same dimensions as that of Rebel Rambo on the outside. The rangers fanned out in all directions in pursuit of the letter. Cleo didn’t go after the letter, but watched everyone from an eyrie at the peak of the castle, herself being unnoticed by others. Then after locating positions of everyone, she disguised herself as a phantom came down and began the hunt. Oops, but she hunted down the Dragons, her own teammates!

Dinos fetched the letter and won the round, and they mocked at the Dragons who couldn’t make it. Rhonda got her bike back and the Dinos left Rebel Rambo with ‘the letter of the legacy’, and then Cleo awoke the Dragons lying on the ground. Bewildered, the Dragons woke up and asked her, what was happening.

“We lost!” Cleo said.

“What do you mean by we lost?” Ron asked.

“The second round is not yet up. It’s all a trap I have set up to trick the Dinos, and it worked”, Cleo said at which the Dragons were taken aback.

“What are you talking about? You set it up all?! The whole Crystal castle?!!!” Deneb asked, with his eyes wide open, awestruck at her skills and yet nervous deep down.

“Yes, I didn’t receive any call from the power source about the second round. I just faked it and the Dinos fell for it. I set up the letter with this legacy of my own, the Dinos will surely trust, because they trust its origin is from the power source and hence, it is authentic. And they themselves will come up with the truth about themselves and their conspiracies”, Cleo said.

“What’s the legacy anyway?”, Garnet asked coming back to her normal senses.

…To be continued! Thanks for your patience!!


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