Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-6 : Part-B

…“Yes, I didn’t receive any call from the power source about the second round. I just faked it and the Dinos fell for it. I set up the letter with this legacy of my own, the Dinos will surely trust, because they trust its origin is from the power source and hence, it is authentic. And they themselves will come up with the truth about themselves and their conspiracies”, Cleo said.

“What’s the legacy anyway?”, Garnet asked coming back to her normal senses…

“Cleo Patra is the one with the RAM!” Cleo said and paused to allow her words to sink into them, “And now they’ll be after me, but will not know that it’s the other way around! I’m after them”.

“You are such a genio, Cleo”, Alcor hailed her.

“Come on Alcor; are you out of your mind? Be serious. This ain’t a child play”, Deneb cried horrified and worried about Cleo, “You are gonna risk yourself, Cleo, and this Earth too if the Dinos find out it was all a fake operation, when the real call from the power source comes, you understand that?”

“I do!” Cleo said.

“But, how can they anyway find out whether it’s a second or third round?” Alcor jumped in.

“The venue makes the difference”, Cleo said, “And that’s when we need to gather our wits, pull ourselves together and defend ourselves. And if we can find out about them before the second call, we’ve no need to play the actual second round and the third round either. They should give up on harming the Earth”.

“What if they find out about us before the second round?” Garnet asked.

“How do you suppose Garnet?” Cleo inquired, “They don’t know that we actually know about their conspiracies and that they are searching for the one with the RAM. They must only find out when the second call comes, and before that, I’d have accomplished my mission. But what I still don’t understand is where those extra terrestrial ninjas came from”.

“Didn’t you set them up too?” Ron asked.

“Are you crazy? No”, Cleo cried, “How can I set up such a thing, something phenomenal and paranormal?”

“Well, we’ll figure it out then”, Garnet said, “Now, who’s in?”

“I’m in”, Alcor cried when others thought for a while and said, “I’m in!” one by one, still obsessed with suspicions and a gut feeling that something bad is going to turn out as things seemed to getting more complicated and dangerous. Cleo smiled and then they left home.


Meanwhile, at a place, whose locations were unknown:

The place was secluded, alienish©, spooky and eerie. Many beasts like the one Cleo killed in Shadow wood, teemed the place. The realm was frosty, muddy, barren, and congested with unevenly towered mansions and curvy, narrow lanes. A strange plant crop resembling a Larch was raised in a special glade away from the mansions. The light under which the plants grew was bright blue and was confined only to the area where the plants were grown. The plants were glittery and glassy, with rhomboid leaves, star like flowers, and diamond like fruits. Fruits outnumbered the total leaves and flowers. Some beasts were working their asses out to raise the crop, when some other beasts were pulling loads of cargo on trolleys up and around the lanes. Female beasts were on their martial art classes along with kids and other male beasts in the open grounds. A grey mansion, with many towers and a sole eyrie, stood above and aloof of all other mansions. Its door led into a chamber where some organic life forms, juveniles of unknown origin were suspended in liquid filled incubators. The following door led into a computerised and highly technified chamber, where Rhonda was toggling on the dashboard of a large multi-panel monitor, trying to contact a person.

A virtual avatar appeared on the screen, whose face was masked and he asked her, “What’s the matter?”

“I found the one with the RAM. She’s none other than Cleo, our opponent team captain”, Rhonda said.

“Do we have a proof?” the avatar asked.

“Yes, one from a trusted source, I can elucidate”, Rhonda said, “But, she is impossible to get”.

“I’ll take care of that. Is she eighteen?” the avatar asked.

“No, still a week more to go”, Rhonda said.

“Alright. See you then”, the avatar said and signed out.

Rhonda smiled mischievously, “Show’s up!”

Just then, Orion, Jack and Sandra entered the room and asked her what the matter was.

“The one with the Bio-RAM of Jaquin, the queen of our enemies is going to die now! And the secret of the power that can kill us will be found and destroyed forever. We shall be immortals and reign this universe for all the times to come, just like the Outlander promised our ancestors”, Rhonda said, when Sandra felt very sorry for Cleo, ‘I hope you don’t die upon me!’

“I’ve been wondering, what made Cleo, the black box so powerful and impossible. And every time I tried to read her mind, I failed. I knew she was the one with the RAM, the very reason I proposed for a fight, and waited for the day to get it proved. I tried to read her mind every moment and on every movement she made. Though I failed in reading her mind, I could still get familiarised with her inborn powers and fighting skills so that I can create compatible anti-powers and impart them into one powerful weapon that can kill her. At first, I didn’t know, she had such powers. I only discovered them when I saw her fighting an Ultiman in the Shadow wood. It is the ‘Bio-RAM’ that gave her the knowledge to design her own gadgets, and to unearth and augment her powers within. And it’s the ‘Bio-firewall’ that disables others from reading her mind. She’s the fire that no liquid can put off, except tears that loneliness left her for her entire life”, she grinned and turned to the Dinos, “We gotta capture her, torture her and present her to the Outlander, you get it?”

“Yes!” they nodded.

“Wait wait wait”, Jack who has been in a deep thought for a while cried, “You said that the Bio-RAM is the reason behind her powers and strength, didn’t you? But the RAM would be active only from the eighteenth year, whereas Cleo has been that way since her childhood. And she’s not yet eighteen. So how can you attribute her strength and skills to the RAM?”

Rhonda frowned, puzzled and speechless. “You are right!” she muttered and said, “How could I not understand that? How could such a thing elude me? And what the hell’s making her so powerful then????” Nobody had an answer for that.

“I have to figure it out before designing my weapon then and before presenting her to Maximus!” Rhonda cried and left in a fury. The Dinos looked at each other having no idea what’s going to happen.




…To be continued!


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