Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-7 : Part-A

…Rhonda frowned, puzzled and speechless. “You are right!” she muttered and said, “How could I not understand that? How could such a thing elude me? And what the hell’s making her so powerful then????” Nobody had an answer for that.

“I have to figure it out before designing my weapon then and before presenting her to Maximus!” Rhonda cried and left in a fury. The Dinos looked at each other having no idea what’s going to happen.


Chapter 16: THE DISCOVERY.



Blue crafts were on their way home, with loads of sand from a planet of Andromeda, when ‘boom’, went an explosion as soon as it entered the Earth’s atmosphere. All the seven crew, the Blue-nauts turned to ashes and dispersed into the cosmos. The big bang swept the Earth with cosmic dust and people with terror. Rescue crafts immediately went to recover the indestructible black box installed in the blue craft for clues. A detonator was set even before the take-off of the blue craft from Earth eighteen years ago, to explode on encounter with the Earth’s atmosphere for the second time (the first time is at take off and the second encounter is at retreat), that is on its way back home. The detonator had the Dextro seal on it! The seven governments sank with fear that a mutiny has arisen already and accused the ‘Anti Dextro league’ for being unable to stop the menace by capturing the agents already.

While, the agents on the other hand, were taken aback by the incident, since they have not planned it and yet being accused for the same. “Who’s behind this?!” Doppler’s head exploded with confusion and frustration. But he knew, he just has to wait for a day more for a miracle to take place that can unveil the truths and the mysteries. On the other hand, Cleo awaited the Dinos to come out with the truth.

October 7th, 2030:

EURO lab in the heart of shadow wood

EURO lab in the heart of shadow wood

Cleo turned eighteen and that was the night she had a dream, which she found out to be memories of two persons, an alien and a scientist. Her memories led her to the lab, she remembered, was somewhere in the Shadow wood. Her eyes shone as she discovered the roof of the lab. She typed the password from her memory and found herself in surprise at every stage of the advancement she made in finding out something, as if she knew them already, yet with a subliminal awareness that she don’t know anything about them and it was from her weird memory actually that she was able to do so. The door opened agape in front of her eyes that thrilled her much more. She knew a staircase would then appear and lead her into the lab. The same happened. And before the door in the dome behind her could close, she got a call from Doppler. But soon the call got cut as the door closed behind her. So she immediately signed out of the lab to call Doppler back.

“I just don’t understand what’s happening to me and around me? They’re giving me goose bumps, ya know? I’m knowing things that I’ve never seen and known before”, she cried as soon as Doppler picked her call.

“I told you, you would. You have the Bio-RAM in you, Cleo”, Doppler said, “Now that your time has come, please make haste in reaching agency Dextro. A car will be awaiting you at your home by the time you reach there. Don’t take much time. The car can’t be out for long”.

Cleo was in a shock since she heard what Doppler said-“You have the Bio-RAM in you, Cleo”. Nothing Doppler said after that got into her head. She couldn’t find her voice and felt numb and dumb for a while. ‘You gotta be kidding!’ she thought, ‘I’ve just faked the Dinos with the truth, without knowing it was actually a truth. But what’s actually up? Why did it start in me only today? Why do I feel all these, so strange only today? God, what’s going on? Gimme some grip!’

“Are you there Cleo?” Doppler asked when she came back to her normal senses, “Yeah, please come back over the last few lines”, she said.

“Are you alright Cleo?” he inquired.

“I am… absolutely”, Cleo said and hung down the phone, without waiting for his response. She walked home thinking about the unprecedented, nerve-racking things going on with her. ‘Why am I related with these things anyway? What’s the point in me having the Bio-RAM and the Dinos searching the one with the RAM? What are these buccaneers up to and who’s behind them? I knew, they were vying for something else beyond what actually seemed to be. Was it me? If it was me, did they already know that I’m the one with the RAM? If they knew, then why are they still searching for the one? In case, they didn’t know, then why are they still fighting me? But they know now, don’t they? Though I faked it, it actually turned out to be true. So would the hunt have been set up already? And what happened to Jaquin’s son, the royal heir? Did the baddies get him?! The alien I killed in the forest was an Ultiman. What is it doing there anyway?’ many thoughts stormed her brain.

As she reached her home, she found a black car from which she heard a voice, “Quick Cleo, quick!”

“On it”, she cried and rushed to the car and asked agent Brown, getting into the car, “Do we have a restroom in agency Dextro. Need a shower right away!”

“You have the finest restrooms of the Earth! Just gotta break in”, he said as he put his Ray ban glasses on, and moved the gearshift. The car rolled away at full throttle.


…To be continued!


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