Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-7 : Part-B

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…As she reached her home, she found a black car from which she heard a voice, “Quick Cleo, quick!”“I’m on it”, she cried and rushed to the car and asked agent Brown, getting into the car, “Do we have a restroom in agency Dextro. Need a shower right away!”

“You have the finest restrooms of the Earth! Just gotta break in”, he said as he put his Ray ban glasses on, and moved the gearshift. The car rolled away at full throttle…

“Happy Birthday Cleo!”, Doppler said as soon as she entered the luminous hall. And as she looked around, she saw a luscious dark chocolate cake dripping with honey and cream.

She ran to the cake as her mouth watered, but held back from touching the cake, turned around and asked, “Where are my parents?”

Doppler sighed and said, “I never saw them. I don’t know who they are”.

“Liar!” Cleo cried, “I’ve lived all my life just thinking about them and living with them in my thoughts, fancying they’d be like this and like that. And you still wanna lie to me? Are you so oblivious to my pains?”

“You gotta trust me on this, Cleo. I’ll never lie to you, ever!” Doppler said. Cleo sighed and went to the restroom. __________________________________________________________________

“Tell us what you know about the Omnius? Where is it and what is it capable of?” Doppler asked as Cleo settled in a chair.

“Omnius is a multipurpose, customizable device that can be transformed into any gadget of the user required purpose. It’s in the lab, the EURO lab”, Cleo said.

“Where did you flee after you came to know that the police are on hunt for you, considering you to be Dr. Minto here?” Doppler asked adjusting his tone.

A pathetic ambience filled the place as Cleo narrated the story..

Well, but let’s see what actually happened there..

2012, at a desert in Cairo, Egypt:

Minto was running desperately in the desert. His lips and tongue were shrunk from thirst and his eyes from exhaustion. At a place, he fell to the ground face down, and as he opened his eyes after some time and lift his head, he saw an African king cobra in front of his eyes, swaying its hood and hissing furiously. Exhausted in his escape journey, he barely had any strength to cry out for help or at least get shocked. So he stared at the snake emotionless and thought he was going to die. And as the snake dilated its hood to sting him, a hefty hand came from nowhere, caught hold of the snake by its hood, swung it in the air above his head and hurled it away so violently that the snake puked all its venom and died of the hit. Then the Egyptian caught hold of Minto’s hand and helped him to his feet. He walked him to his house, as Minto shuffled along. They reached a flint house abut to river Nile in the deep woods of Cairo. Minto already felt his energies welling up inside him as the peaceful ambience of the place boosted his spirits. The Egyptian helped him to a chair and gave his thirst and hunger.

The Gabriel's House

The Gabriel’s House

“Your name?” he managed to ask Minto with the little English he knew, recognizing him to be an Anemonian.

“Minto, James Minto and your good name please?” Minto asked.

“Mike Gabriel”, the Egyptian said with a pleasant smile and focused eyes.

Mike was muscular, robust and hefty. He was sandy white like deserts of Egypt and charming behind the sand, the suntan and the sweat that masked his face. He had smooth cropped hair and a French beard, wore animal skin round his waist and slung a leather strip down his neck, which appeared like some sort of tie.

“Going hunting”, he said picking up his gun, slung from a nail on the north wall and said, “Be back by dusk. Help yourself with some tequila in that leather bag over there, but don’t step out of the house, senore, until and unless you hear me knock the door”. Minto nodded.

Mike left after picking up his javelins too, he had shot into trees here and there.

Minto tried to sip tequila, but it was too strong and aromatic, so he withdrew from drinking it. He soon fell asleep and woke up only when he heard a knock on the door.

“Bacon and beef steak will make our night”, Mike said coming in with bacon and beef stuff hanging down his back.

That night, Mike set up an open barbeque and roasted the bacon and beef steaks whose splendid aroma wafted up in the air and whet their appetite.

“Bon appétit”, Mike cried as he began eating his share in a wooden bowl.

“Sleep tight, Mr. Minto. We will discuss whatever is bothering you, the first thing after breakfast tomorrow”, Mike said as he turned off the lights.

The next morning: Mike was out and already preparing for his hunt, when Minto woke up and peeped out of the window. He went out to have a clear view of the premises.

“Morning, Mr. Minto”, Mike said gleefully dusting his gun, when Minto too replied, “Morning, Mike”.

“Welcome to the natural bathe, river Nile”, Mike said waving his hand at the river, “It’s fresh and free. Please help yourself”.

Minto smiled and walked along the waterfront taking off his shirt and pants and plunged into the river. After having a refreshing bath, he came back to the house to see his breakfast already waiting at the table.

“Tell me now, what’s bothering you, Mr. Minto?” Mike asked as Minto broke his fast.

“It’s complicated”, Minto sighed, “Don’t know where to start from”.

“I shall put up. You don’t even have to start, just give the start a start and the story takes you through”, Mike said shrugging his shoulders, as if they can handle whatever was going to come.

Minto closed his eyes, took a deep breath and started narrating his story from the very beginning. Mike did not question or talk until Minto was through. He just nodded or frowned now and then, and sighed as Minto finished his story.

“It’s complicated, of course”, Mike said, drawing a conclusion. “Do you think Captain Kraler still trusts you?”, Mike asked out of curiosity and hoping that he still does.

“I trust he trusts me”, Minto said and walked to the window, “He’ll never mistrust me even for the whole world”.



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