Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-8 : Part-A

Chapter 17: SLEEPING DOGS.

“I can’t stay here and trouble you anymore, Mike”, Minto said sighing in remorse, “and can neither apply for asylum, since there’s banishment in force upon me”.

“Mr. Minto, look who’s talking here. This is Mike, the reliable, the bon homie with the lost and a bon fire to the baddies. You can count on me and bet to the last penny of yours on me, maestro. Now what do you wanna do, or want me to do for you?”, Mike asked looking unwaveringly into his eyes, ready to do anything for him.

“I wanna write Kraler a letter and send him a token of gratitude, you’ll understand later”, Minto said, “But all I need you to do now is to go to Slipper’s shire and fetch the ‘Gene implanter’, a heavy box bigger in size than a coffin, without getting caught or suspected by anyone”.

“Let me worry about it, Mr. Minto. Just plan what to do later and I’ll be back soon”, Mike said with a gratified look, that a stranger and a noble laureate above all, has trusted him so much into sharing all his secrets with him, and with a zeal to help Minto even in exchange for his own life.

Then Minto shared the lab’s access passwords with him and the ways to modify the DNA detector (which will access only Minto into the lab, by providing a staircase and leads all others into vacuum) so as to allow him in, and asked him to fetch him the Star ball too.

Mike brought enough minced meat, salted bacon and steaks for Minto, familiarised him with the security systems of the flint house, and the secret get away tunnels. Then he warned Minto not to step out of the house, armed himself and left.


Mike used to wander Egyptian deserts and thick forests lost in thought. Mike’s were humble origins. He was a member of the African rebellious group ‘Espirit’ (pronounced as ‘Ei-spirit’, which means hot or raging spirit). He fought for unleashing the Africans off their shackles of slavery, but the scenario capsized when all the other rebels scattered away as the white carried out an arson attack on their houses. He was left all alone, as he lost both his supporters as well as his family due to the incident. But, the rebel in him did not die. He waited for the perfect moment to wipe out ‘White rule’ in his homeland. He lived anonymously and away from urban environs in the forest, every moment working on his plans. That is when Minto came into his life. At first, he only thought he was helping a homeless, but when he knew that Minto was on a mission to save life and living beings, he was enchanted. Touched by his passions and ideals, he resolved to help him, being a humane human and on grounds of fellow feeling.

That afternoon, Minto sat at the edge of the waterfront lost in thought, puffing his pipe. As he raised his head, the sharp sun rays pierced through his glasses into his eyes and hence he immediately averted his eyes away from the sun, when his pipe slipped and fell into the raging waters. He watched it disappear into the waters and then went back to the house, slid into a chair at the east window and fell asleep in spite of himself. He only woke up the next day when he heard a knock on the door.

Mike made it! He returned safely with the Gene-implanter and the Star ball.

Minto was overwhelmed with happiness and embraced Mike, “I’ll be indebted to you my entire life, Mike. You have no idea what you have just done for me!”

“Still in the mood, maestro. Just gimme your orders!” Mike said smiling.

“I’m damn hungry, Mike”, Minto said when both burst into a heart full laughter.

They had roasted turkey for the night and then Minto set out on his work. He spent the next day without taking any food and water, cleared his entire gastric tract as per implantation protocol.

“I’m retiring into the implanter, Mike. Don’t try to open it at any cost from outside, whatever happens. I have some inbuilt signals that will automatically unleash me from the implanter after the process”, Minto said sliding into the slot of the implanter.

Mike’s pathetic looks bid him farewell!


“That’s it. I don’t remember anything after that”, Cleo said.

Doppler frowned. ‘No wonder. He uninstalled the Bio-RAM from his body by then. God, but why?’, he cried in his heart, ‘May be to pass it on to someone else to safeguard the truth, because he can’t come out into the open and prove himself! But, he should have done it at least after writing the letters to Kraler that would have enabled us to know what he really wrote in them’.

“And what about the Star ball and the Gene-implanter? Where can we find them? You remember anything about them, Cleo?”, he asked curiously.

“Um… No! How can I remember something that took place after the RAM has been uninstalled?! But, I know how to construct the Gene-implanter, because it’s in Minto’s own memory, but not the Star-ball because it’s in Jaquar’s memory, and not in Jaquin’s memory, which Minto actually inherited. But if we find their son, Zetor, who has both Jaquin’s and Jaquar’s memory, we can know about the Star-ball too. But I have no idea where he is or at least if he’s alive or not”, Cleo replied.

“Well, in case you had something on your mind before you got into the implanter about what to do with the Star-ball later?”, he questioned again.

“No… I was actually thinking not to think about anything, the last thing I remember. I didn’t want it to be recorded into the RAM to safeguard the locations of the implanter and the Star-ball”, Cleo said at which Doppler sighed in disappointment.

“What’s wrong, Doppy?”, Cleo asked.

“Captain Kraler received three letters from Minto…”, and before he could complete, Cleo jumped in with a question, “This is all kinda weird. I told you they’re giving me goose bumps. Why am I related with these things anyway?”

“You are in no way related with these things, Cleo. It was just coincidence. Minto mailed the Bio-RAM, preserved in a special liquid in an organic capsule to Kraler and asked him to suggest any pregnant woman to have it for strength. So the baby born will have his memories turning up in the baby at an age of eighteen”, Doppler said.

“Yeah, I know that. I know about the activation time of the Bio-RAM. It’s in my memory, I mean Jaquin’s memory”, Cleo said.

“But, activating the memories only was not Minto’s aim. He mutated the RAM, a sort of gene in such a way that it imparts into its bearer resistance against all radiations, heat and abrasives, gives the capacity to overcome and defend himself or herself against any kind of problem or attack, right from the day the bearer takes his or her form in his or her mother’s womb, the measures Minto took to safeguard the bearer of the truth. So, Minto tried to give you all powers right from your birth, but wanted the memories to get activated only when you turn eighteen, just as destined. And above all, nobody can read your mind due to the Bio-firewall. You are the Fire-kid, Cleo! Your mother was aboard Haven, when she had a drink doped with the pill. It was all carried out confidentially by our agents. But after she gave birth to you, we couldn’t find her. Both your parents went missing. So I resolved to take you away and I did. I entered Haven with the aid of my Shadow potion and took you away and raised you”.

Cleo sighed out of despair.

“Don’t be downhearted, dear”, Doppler said.

“Well, what about the other two letters?” she asked, when something struck Doppler’s brain, “Cleo, tell me when did you install the RAM in you, I mean the date?”

“I solidly remember, it was on 4th of June, 2012, two hours before fleeing to Egypt”, she replied.

“And when did you uninstall it?”

“It was on 2012, the 8th of November. Well, is it of any help?”, she asked.

“Of course! The day, Kraler received the first letter that Minto was going to come back and avenge this world, was on 1st of November, 2012, that is far before he has uninstalled the RAM”, and before Doppler could complete, Cleo said, “That says, if he had written that letter, it must have been in his memory that he wrote it. And since, it’s not in his memory, he hasn’t written it, but someone else has. Am I right?”

>>>To be continued! Thanks for your patience!!


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