Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-8 : Part-B

…“Of course! The day, Kraler received the first letter that Minto was going to come back and avenge this world, was on 1st of November, 2012, that is far before he has uninstalled the RAM”, and before Doppler could complete, Cleo said, “That says, if he had written that letter, it must have been in his memory that he wrote it. And since, it’s not in his memory, he hasn’t written it, but someone else has. Am I right?”…

“Absolutely, Cleo, absolutely!”, Doppler cried, “And also, though your memory doesn’t say it, since the RAM was uninstalled by then, I’m sure that the second letter was written by Minto, because alone Minto has the RAM and only he can mail it”.

“The token of gratitude?”, Cleo asked.


“Yes, and it was on 20th of November, 2012, after the un-installation”, Doppler said, “But, what about the third letter, the one quoting, ‘I kept my word, haven’t I?’ Captain Kraler received on 12th of December, 2012?”

“We can’t decide on that”, Cleo said, “because we don’t know whether he wrote it or not, as the RAM was uninstalled by then”.

“But since all the three letters are in MER-code, Kraler strongly believes that Minto wrote them all, since nobody else on this Earth have any knowledge about the MER-code”, Doppler said, and when he saw Cleo in a deep thought he asked her, “You have something to say?”

“Yes, I do. This Earth’s not all. There are still many planets out there in this universe. We can’t come to a quick conclusion that Minto alone knows the code. On the other hand, if Minto hasn’t written the first letter, he has no need to write the third one, isn’t it? Because, it’s like a follow up letter, kinda sequel. The first one says, “I will avenge the Earth”… The second one says, “I have kept my word, haven’t I?” You see, there can’t be a sequel unless there’s an original”, she said.

Doppler frowned in amazement and said, “Yes, of course. You’re right”.

“That says”, Cleo went on, “since all the letters are in MER-code and sure of Minto to have written them, he must have either deleted the memory of writing the first letter from the RAM before mailing it, or might have not written the letter at all, though it is in MER-code. The same applies to the third letter too, what say?”

Doppler nodded in agreement and fell into a deep thought.

“And to finish, I just played the guessing part till now, inferring from what has been believed apriori. But the truth is that, the memories on Bio-RAM cannot be manipulated or deleted or destroyed. That says, Minto has never ever written those letters, except for the second one, if you say so. Since the second letter did not fetch us any bad news, but just a pill, we have no need to worry about whether he wrote it or not. So let’s not discuss about it anymore”, Cleo concluded, “He meant no harm to this world! Well, though Mr. Kraler didn’t trust him, Minto still trusts Kraler”.

“What if Mr. Minto has deleted the events from his own memory? He has done so once before installing the RAM in him. He mentioned it in the second letter”, Doppler said.

Cleo thought for a while and said, “He was a scientist and have had his memories altered or deleted or whatever it is. But, he still can’t manipulate or delete the events from the RAM, which also reads and stores memories from his own memory”.

“Well, what if he has uninstalled the Bio-RAM every time before he wrote a letter?”, Doppler supposed.

“Nops! My memory doesn’t say that. Even if he had uninstalled the RAM and so couldn’t read writing of the letter into it, the RAM would be still be reading at least when he’s about to uninstall it, right? In that case, I would know”, she said, “and the only case you must have doubts about that, is when I lie to you. That’s even more impossible because there are many Bio-RAMs out there in the EURO-lab and I can install one in you too if you insist, and you can then know the facts all by yourself on the firsthand”.

“Well, what if he had written the letter beforehand, even before installing the RAM in him?”, Doppler asked.

“Minto first installed the RAM in him, then he was accused and later he wrote the letter. How can he write the letter even before the accusation?” Cleo asked.

“Well, I get it. But, what if he had wrought the jeopardy upon the Earth after uninstalling the RAM in Cairo?”, Doppler’s eyes shone like he had grabbed a missing link.

Cleo smiled looking at his innocence, “Doppy, do you at least believe that Minto didn’t write those letters?”

“Of course, I do. What I mean is not that he wrote those letters, but that he destroyed the Earth”, Doppler said.

“Ok, since you believe that he didn’t write the letters but only destroyed the Earth, answer my question. Why will anyone else rather than Minto want to write the letter if Minto is the one who wanted to destroy the Earth?”, Cleo asked now leaning forward, with her chin resting on her palms and looking straight into Doppler’s eyes.

“May be someone’s trying to save Minto?!”, he asked.

“In that case, why will they mention his relation with Kraler in the first letter, which makes it obvious that Minto himself wrote it? And if someone really wanted to save him, they wouldn’t write the letters at all!”

“What if Minto himself sought someone else’s help in writing those letters, the case in which he is still behind writing those letters and yet not in the memory?”, Doppler shot back.

“My memory doesn’t say that again. Met none on the way to Egypt and neither asked Mike to write the letter, and by the time Kraler received the third letter the Earth was almost ashes. What would Minto still bring upon it? It must only be the other way round. The Earth must have jeopardised him and killed him. You wanna talk about it?”

“No, no and Yes, Captain Kraler must have known better to mistrust him. Then who else would have written them? Who else knew the MER-code?”, Doppler asked puzzled.

“Someone who knew Minto and his moves in and out and who wanted to shatter Minto’s reputation, just like the ones who wanted to shatter yours”, she said lolling back into her chair.

“Why not both be the same?”, Doppler asked.

“There’s an ample scope for that too!”, Cleo said shrugging her shoulders, “because Minto and Kraler were very good friends and worked for the same cause. And there were many people who were against them, this society first of all. Everything starts from there”, she said.

“But who is it? And what happened to Mr. Minto after that?” Doppler asked himself, but out aloud.

“If we consider that Minto himself wrote the third letter, he must be still alive”, Cleo said. Doppler frowned, as he didn’t get what she said.

“It’s because, the letter was received on the very day the Earth was destroyed. So he must have been somewhere away from the jeopardy and watching it all”, she said, “But forget that. Owing to the RAM, the trustworthy source, he didn’t write those letters. So we can’t exactly say whether he’s alive or not, and that’s what we gotta find out!”

“Seems like you are trying to help him?”, Doppler asked.

“I’m here to help you, Mr. Doppler. Hope you know that. I just trust in the authenticity and purity of the RAM. I just say what it says. I don’t take sides!”, Cleo said with emotion.

“Well, Cleo”, Doppler said, “Let’s begin our mission. Let not the sleeping dogs lie anymore”.

“Sure, but I have just one last question. What is it that Minto deleted from his memory, anyway? I mean, did he mention it in his second letter?”, she asked fascinated.

“Got no answer!”, Doppler said.


>>>To be continued! Thanks for your patience!!


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