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Cleo Patra : Part-II : Episode-7 : Part-B

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…As she reached her home, she found a black car from which she heard a voice, “Quick Cleo, quick!”“I’m on it”, she cried and rushed to the car and asked agent Brown, getting into the car, “Do we have a restroom in agency Dextro. Need a shower right away!”

“You have the finest restrooms of the Earth! Just gotta break in”, he said as he put his Ray ban glasses on, and moved the gearshift. The car rolled away at full throttle…

“Happy Birthday Cleo!”, Doppler said as soon as she entered the luminous hall. And as she looked around, she saw a luscious dark chocolate cake dripping with honey and cream.

She ran to the cake as her mouth watered, but held back from touching the cake, turned around and asked, “Where are my parents?”

Doppler sighed and said, “I never saw them. I don’t know who they are”.

“Liar!” Cleo cried, “I’ve lived all my life just thinking about them and living with them in my thoughts, fancying they’d be like this and like that. And you still wanna lie to me? Are you so oblivious to my pains?”

“You gotta trust me on this, Cleo. I’ll never lie to you, ever!” Doppler said. Cleo sighed and went to the restroom. __________________________________________________________________

“Tell us what you know about the Omnius? Where is it and what is it capable of?” Doppler asked as Cleo settled in a chair.

“Omnius is a multipurpose, customizable device that can be transformed into any gadget of the user required purpose. It’s in the lab, the EURO lab”, Cleo said.

“Where did you flee after you came to know that the police are on hunt for you, considering you to be Dr. Minto here?” Doppler asked adjusting his tone.

A pathetic ambience filled the place as Cleo narrated the story..

Well, but let’s see what actually happened there..

2012, at a desert in Cairo, Egypt:

Minto was running desperately in the desert. His lips and tongue were shrunk from thirst and his eyes from exhaustion. At a place, he fell to the ground face down, and as he opened his eyes after some time and lift his head, he saw an African king cobra in front of his eyes, swaying its hood and hissing furiously. Exhausted in his escape journey, he barely had any strength to cry out for help or at least get shocked. So he stared at the snake emotionless and thought he was going to die. And as the snake dilated its hood to sting him, a hefty hand came from nowhere, caught hold of the snake by its hood, swung it in the air above his head and hurled it away so violently that the snake puked all its venom and died of the hit. Then the Egyptian caught hold of Minto’s hand and helped him to his feet. He walked him to his house, as Minto shuffled along. They reached a flint house abut to river Nile in the deep woods of Cairo. Minto already felt his energies welling up inside him as the peaceful ambience of the place boosted his spirits. The Egyptian helped him to a chair and gave his thirst and hunger.

The Gabriel's House

The Gabriel’s House

“Your name?” he managed to ask Minto with the little English he knew, recognizing him to be an Anemonian.

“Minto, James Minto and your good name please?” Minto asked.

“Mike Gabriel”, the Egyptian said with a pleasant smile and focused eyes.

Mike was muscular, robust and hefty. He was sandy white like deserts of Egypt and charming behind the sand, the suntan and the sweat that masked his face. He had smooth cropped hair and a French beard, wore animal skin round his waist and slung a leather strip down his neck, which appeared like some sort of tie.

“Going hunting”, he said picking up his gun, slung from a nail on the north wall and said, “Be back by dusk. Help yourself with some tequila in that leather bag over there, but don’t step out of the house, senore, until and unless you hear me knock the door”. Minto nodded.

Mike left after picking up his javelins too, he had shot into trees here and there.

Minto tried to sip tequila, but it was too strong and aromatic, so he withdrew from drinking it. He soon fell asleep and woke up only when he heard a knock on the door.

“Bacon and beef steak will make our night”, Mike said coming in with bacon and beef stuff hanging down his back.

That night, Mike set up an open barbeque and roasted the bacon and beef steaks whose splendid aroma wafted up in the air and whet their appetite.

“Bon appétit”, Mike cried as he began eating his share in a wooden bowl.

“Sleep tight, Mr. Minto. We will discuss whatever is bothering you, the first thing after breakfast tomorrow”, Mike said as he turned off the lights.

The next morning: Mike was out and already preparing for his hunt, when Minto woke up and peeped out of the window. He went out to have a clear view of the premises.

“Morning, Mr. Minto”, Mike said gleefully dusting his gun, when Minto too replied, “Morning, Mike”.

“Welcome to the natural bathe, river Nile”, Mike said waving his hand at the river, “It’s fresh and free. Please help yourself”.

Minto smiled and walked along the waterfront taking off his shirt and pants and plunged into the river. After having a refreshing bath, he came back to the house to see his breakfast already waiting at the table.

“Tell me now, what’s bothering you, Mr. Minto?” Mike asked as Minto broke his fast.

“It’s complicated”, Minto sighed, “Don’t know where to start from”.

“I shall put up. You don’t even have to start, just give the start a start and the story takes you through”, Mike said shrugging his shoulders, as if they can handle whatever was going to come.

Minto closed his eyes, took a deep breath and started narrating his story from the very beginning. Mike did not question or talk until Minto was through. He just nodded or frowned now and then, and sighed as Minto finished his story.

“It’s complicated, of course”, Mike said, drawing a conclusion. “Do you think Captain Kraler still trusts you?”, Mike asked out of curiosity and hoping that he still does.

“I trust he trusts me”, Minto said and walked to the window, “He’ll never mistrust me even for the whole world”.



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Love... Love... Love! All I can dream about is LOVE!!!

   “It seems that we dream at nights things we think about the most… And that, the things we most fear of and expect the least to happen come true! Yes… they start happening!! But this is the Dream I hope that never ever comes true!!!

Its all about ‘hatred’ which with its temporary, but devastating lure gains possession of human heart and  thought, and leaves them destine-less finally, giggling at their adversities!

Love on the other hand lurks for a place in at least one human heart, because it’s the only place where it can survive. But people have already sold love away to lodge hatred in their hearts, enchanted by its lure!

Love, finding no any shelter, chokes and dies in the heat of burning hatred. It could as well have questioned the unfairness of humans, but it wouldn’t! Making sure that love is nowhere to find now, hatred starts destroying and killing every human heart…

Though love blooms back, still people couldn’t make it as their hearts are already dead to lodge love. Why, only if they knew who loved them the most…love!

Everybody is born from a mother, but not everyone get her love! Just because, she had passed away at their birth or left them for some reason… how unfortunate?! And if not only every mother, but also every other person widen the horizons of their love and include into it not only mother-less, but also love-less, then Earth will be a heaven, isn’t it?

When a mother can share her love equally and even more potentially to any number of children born from her own womb, why not she share it with one more child, not born from her own womb, but still needs and deserves love like hers?! Everybody is sure to leave this world alone one day, but the pathetic thing is to leave them live alone right in this world too!

Love the ones who love you and love the ones who don’t love you even more, and more than the ones who love you, because like an arrow with double magnitude pointing at a direction nullifies the magnitude of another arrow pointing in opposite direction, love with double magnitude and dimensions nullifies hatred!!!

Many factors can make us a ‘man’, but only love can make us a ‘human’! Can you imagine the human race to go on when the last tree is cut down and the last pond dries up? Even love cannot go on when the last heart dies! So don’t forsake love. When love starts forsaking, it forsakes all, because everybody’s equal in its view. Love…that cannot stay in one heart can stay in none!

So wish that my dream should never ever come true!!”


One day I woke up after a horrible sleep…

The sleep that made me the whole next day weep!

Weird pictures clouded my land of dreams…

In which I witnessed world full of screams!!


I saw forsaken love running helter-skelter…

Looking for the one who could hold it!

In vain, exhausted love found no shelter…

But only saw penny-counting people, who sold it!!


He envied ‘hatred’ for he has won…

all his children who once loved him!

And now he had nothing, but none…

Tears and agony filled him to the brim!!


But he couldn’t shed even a tear…

Nor could he raise his voice in pain!

For his tears could turn on his people dear…

and destroy them like a howling and drowning rain!!


So he knelt before the scorching sun…

who was in rage with the bankrupt world!

To be burnt away when he got his turn…

For he deserves it, as it was once told!!


His heart broken and mind shaken…

He gasped for place at least in one heart!

Lo! But hatred has already taken…

It’s place in every human’s thought!!


The world woke up when love breathed its last…

But realized their hearts being dead too!

They regretted for they were being fast…

to the destructing hate and its devilish woo!!


Ponds dried up and mountains fell to the ground…

Skies wept and thunders struck the earth!

Love was lost and was never found…

It could only come back if it had re-birth!!


Though love bloomed back in resurrection…

And got restored its past glory!

Dead hearts still lay in confusion…

And far went their painful story!!”

Resurructing Love...

❤ Sudhira!

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Yet a heart that loves beats!

Yet a heart that loves beats!

“Why should tears be the only vent to the pain deep within, when our loved ones leave us?! Why can’t we just laugh and forget that person like he never existed?! Why are some people given eyes that can see only others’ teary eyes, but not the bleeding heart inside?!

Why should I care where my loved one is when he’s not right beside me?! Even if he was beside me for a few moments, filling each with bliss worth a life time, it would still be a memory the next moment, isn’t it? So, I started living with him just in thoughts, like I did this and did that with him… But it pains me measurelessly whenever I have to accept that those things never really happened…

Those distances never covered…

And that love never requited!

How can I feel his touch, at least in my thoughts when I never had his touch really?! How can I enjoy his smiling when I never had him smiling for me?! Though he never smiled for me, the only reason behind my tears being the only vent to my pain within is that, all my smiles and happiness have gone to search him,…leaving loads of tears behind to accompany me!

But the painful thing is those tears were real, not just in thoughts! And the reason behind why I can’t just laugh and forget that person like he never existed is that, he’s not just a memory…but my life and I lived with him at least in my thoughts! And something we think or do can never be undone!

And the even hardest and painful thing that I discovered as days passed was that I cried for the love that never existed, for the person that never was mine! But, my tears were true and showed their existence always!!

There’s a great Abyss between our hearts and there’s that love somewhere else, the Abyss can’t hold…

But why does my heart still keep loving and keep on beating when all that I really want to do is die?!… Just because, he’s living in me!

Save me before you, living in me, gets drowned along with me in my tears that have already filled the Abyss between us…

I’m not too far!!!”

I'm not too far!

I’m not too far!

Abyss lies between thee and me;

Yet a heart that loves beats!

Smiles of mine have gone to search thee;

And my heart, the sorrow treats!!


If only thee could hear my heart

and thine eyes could look into the abyss…

I could pull my heart from drought

and my heart could taste the bliss!


If my thoughts could reach you through

the dangling sweet air spray;

Then my love and lust for you is true.

Even my regret keeps me gay!


With your love I could live with

just one heart beat…

I could gather my strength and breath

even when snakes hiss!

But nothing in this world

could be more sweet…

to the lovelorn ones in regret,

than a loving kiss!!


Though I’m from thee so far and far…

and tears have begun to ruin me!

Yet, I love to make myself a temple for…

you, lest no other could reign me!!”


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Alone… with?

Little Hannah was alone…

in her little cottage of wood;

But she’d jump like a cheerful fawn

and try to fly like a humming bird!


She’d look at sky and down at earth…

and jump so high in joy and mirth;

She’d touch her heart and hear it

throbbing, “lubb and dup!”

She’d tell her heart, “I’m alone”, but

hear it say “lubb and dup”.

Then she’d cry and cry and then give up!


When morning greets her with its smile…

she’d think the sun her friend a while!

Lo! But when he grows hot in noon…

she’d cry, “Aw, go away soon!”


Then she’d calmly hope for the rising moon…

Till then she’d say, “I’m alone!”

When moon arrives though bright and round

but, she scared of the darkness around,

Would shut her eyes and fall to the ground!


“But she never suffered hunger…

       nor the nature’s anger

nor the winter’s shiver

       nor got drowned in a river! ”


At dusk she’d stand by the door…

hoping for a human heart to pass by;

She’d walk and walk across the moor…

and reach a bright blue stream nearby!


She’d sit by the stream and peep into it…

a pale pink face very dusty;

With dried up streams that have

passed through the dust;

reminding her that she was alone!



Looking at the grassy lands…

and looking at the twinkling sands,

she’d cover her face with her hands

and sobs and sobs till her heart demands!


“But she never suffered hunger…

       nor the nature’s anger

nor the winter’s shiver

       nor got drowned in a river! ”


She’d sit by the furnace with a lurking hope…

in the cold-cold winters drinking her soup;

that one would come very near to her

and make her his child, so dear…


And one day that she saw in her dream…

was an unknown man with a golden gleam;

with eyes of sapphires and hair with curls…

lips of rubies and teeth of pearls!


Voice of thunder

and that’s a man of wonder…

patting her with his golden palm;

and so she slept in peace and calm…

and woke up next day bright and warm!



“But she never suffered hunger…

       nor the nature’s anger

nor the winter’s shiver

       nor got drowned in a river!

and that’s what is her wonder!!”


She has always felt a guiding hand,

leading her through seas and land;

and when that night turned…

she looked at the moon with a nod

and said, staring into the darkness…

“I’m alone…….alone with God!”

“And that’s how, on sober reflection I got to know, though I was really alone, there was some force driving me optimistic and getting me through the most horrible moments of my boredom and despair…

No ship in a vast ocean too sinks unless it takes the water in and no one is really alone in this world unless they think they are!

And when there’s no one,,, there’s still God!”

You think, you’re still alone???

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Wisdom flows through words, either said or written from generation to generation, epoch to epoch, seamless! In simple terms, wisdom survives in words and gets portrayed through actions. Word is a ray of hope that sustains the last fool at the brink of extinction. A word said wrongly can only be forgiven, but not forgotten. “So eat your words before you spit them!” And make sure that something you say not just passes your time, but is worth passed on to next generations!

Last ray

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