What is Fiction?

“Fiction is something that doesn’t exist, a concoction, an illusion, a fantasy, a sham, an untrue invention.. a NONSENSE!” 

….is what people know about Fiction and believe is true about Fiction!

But what’s it about being true about Fiction when Fiction itself is false? Isn’t it confusing? .. Fiction is not false, but an idea that explains something which is false or in specific ‘not true yet’. Fiction is an idea which is invented, but not yet been implemented. It is false until and unless it takes its form through implementation.

“An idea can seem insane until it is implemented!”-Anonymous.

Similarly, Fiction can seem like something unreal, but given an attempt to implement it, it can turn REAL!

“And when your brain is expanded by an idea, it will never regain its original dimensions”.

When an idea strikes the brain, a picture is framed in the heart…and until the abstract idea takes its form into the picture in the heart and comes out concrete, the Brain is never at rest! It is always looking for an interface to give shape and produce its idea. This creates an enormous amount of friction on the ganglions which are continuously and constantly hit by impulses from both sides carrying ideas to implement the idea to and fro the brain and creates lot of energy in the form of heat. Yes, ideas can be compared to Zombies.. They H’eat your brains! Think for a while and touch your head. Oh, so warm! Any idea unless implemented is Fiction.. And this ‘Friction of Fiction’ is what keeps the ideas alive and the Brain working.

I started to write a Fiction novel, but the basic instinct which can judge what is right and what is wrong did not let me end things without proper scientific explanations… So, finally when the novel came out it became a ‘Science Fiction’, a new idea that has a scientific base and reason but is not yet implemented.

I mean to say, the novel “Cleo Patra And A World Of Tomorrow” is a science Fiction that holds many ideas in it which can be brought alive through scientific innovations. It’s like a ‘raw material to scientists’, who thrive for and thrust into the innovative elegance of Science.

This novel is way into the future blended with Sci-fi features, detection, adventure, apocalypse, secret alien invasions, paranormal activity, rivalry, planetory wars, romance and almost all emotions and elements this universe holds in its womb.

…Watch this space for the Episodes!

@Zombie talks!


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